Sunday, October 15, 2006

Christian had a thing for Tony Curtis so he brought over Some Like it Hot and Sporadicus.

SQUEEEE!!! I bet Mob can guess what I'm drinking out of right now!! DAMN. These are the sexiest glasses that ever were. They DO make the wine taste better! And if I had cranberry juice I'd be cosmo-ing it up right now out of my Riedel crystal. I'm afraid I just don't have the balls to down martinis (vodka OR gin) when I'm expected at work anytime before noon the next day. But thank you so very much to you and the wife K for the sweet and thoughtful gifts. Indeed, I was of course reminded of one of the first conversations amongst our little group, over dinner, about the divine Williams Sonoma glasses. At the pre-show-drink-fest, you can measure the stress on me by whether I'm serious enough to have the martini glass in hand. Hopefully I'll be sipping on something far more mellow.

And I need something stronger tonight. I can't find the fabric anywhere in town with which we started the sunroom's curtains (I know, how DOES the world turn?), so I'll have to order it but it's off sale now so I have to order it Friday. The little bit that IS up is quite sexy, I'll have you know.

On a much more down note, my closest friend (and fucking balls, my gay male bridesmaid!!), is unable to attend the wedding. He is at NYU getting his Masters and teaching. He helped build a particular 8-hour seminar and when he was hired said that any weekend was fine EXCEPT the last in October. It was scheduled for the first weekend in November. Well, they changed it and he just found out yesterday. He fought and fought but they cannot tell 90 students who have already paid for this seminar that it's changed. Drew can really put on a good bitch (he is a New Yorker, after all) when he wants to, so if these bitches didn't budge then damn they must be scary. So if he attends the wedding, he's out. Obviously, he has to do the seminar. Now of course I don't mind the slightest--it is completely out of his hands. And, he already bought his DFW ticket, so he'll come up another weekend before February and I will get to spend that much more time with him. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...his wedding gift to us? He's buying us tickets to The Vertical Hour. HOLY SHIT. So NYC here we come. Honeymoon Pt II is really going to happen, wheeee!

But I am quite sad he won't be there in person to help keep me sane.

And I am totally mourning the loss of The Nate and Di Show.

Pass the bottle.


Yasamin said...

2 things... i wanna see pix of the glasses. i loooove stemware. and oh my god i envy you girl! you get to see Bill Nighy in action. He is just outstanding at everything he does. :)

Mob said...

Glad the glasses arrived safe and sound.