Saturday, October 07, 2006

That's how much fuck fish.

Squeeeeeeeeee!! So excited!! Kiwi Derek moved his arrival date up to the 21 (sat, and since my happy ass will be at the Angelika no longer, I can even pick him up)! He's arriving at the Amtrak station and how fucking funny is it that I had NO IDEA we even HAD a goddamn Amtrak station. I must think of places to take him (oh, fuck, I forgot I live in Dallas, good luck with that...ok, so we'll be drinking...just kidding, I'm sure we can entertain ourselves at least some). Any ideas what I should cook for Kiwi D?? What's something yummy that would be hard to find in New Zealand??

And Emily is flying in from Chicago Thursday the 26th, very excited to see my "maid of honor," or whatever the hell. (It's not a traditional wedding, I should remind you if you're confused). And damn did she get a good price! For a little over $150, I think I should go hang out in Chicago for a while!

And Canadian Nell should be hitting Austin mid-October...the 16th, I think? I think she is still sorting out a place to stay. I know she wants to do Austin a little long-term, maybe a month or two? I know there were roommate-type set-ups floating around Austin but I don't know about many of them. I'm not sure which direction to point her in. She's quite a resourceful girl and definitely a traveller rather than a tourist--she's braved stuff I couldn't!--but I don't want to point her in a sketchy direction! We have a couple friends down there but D keeps forgetting to call. Plus they may not be very helpful for all I know...

Anyhoo. Just weird that these people are all coming down here for me! I hope I get to spend enough time with everyone!

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