Monday, May 18, 2009

You're cute, in a slutty way.

Yesterday started off pretty rainy, but Dunkin Donuts is VERY well represented here in Boston, so that made up for rain. We then took the train down to Quincy, just barely south of Boston, to see my apartment. I am so excited that I only need one train to go between work and school. Now if only it ran all night!

The apartment is great. There is a huge grocery store nearby, a short walk, or I can take the train two stops North and hit a giant Shaw's. I took pics of the wonderful various beers--as for Boston, there is an absolute LACK of beer and wine sold in stores, it's proving to be something of a bitch.

This clearly falls into the So-Wrong-It's-Right category.

There was also a little pub nearby called 99 (don't ask) which struck me as the sort of place I will probably frequent on occasion against my better judgment. Very unspecial. (We also found the waitress with the smallest personality on Earth.)

The people at the apartment were really friendly and it seems like a great place to live. I didn't get to see my exact unit or the view from the 8th floor, but we saw a similar floor plan. The balconies are really great and I am looking forward to seeing the Boston skyline at night. There's a huge field of (mud at the moment) what appears to be abandoned will look good covered in snow at any rate.

We took the train back into town to hit Faneuil Hall, a pretty touristy thing to do, but you know, a newby has to do the touristy things, too! (It used to be a marketplace but now it's sort of an open-air mall/market/foodie thing.)

So the original Bull & Finch is still around, but memory was telling me the bar looks nothing like the set of Cheers, it was merely the inspiration for the show (and exterior shots, apparently). I read up on it and this is true, but apparently everyone wanted a bar built that did look like the show. At Faneuil Hall, there is one that is modeled after the show. Heavy emphasis on modeled.

The look on Norm's face says more than words ever could.

It's quite small, and two things really bothered me. First of all, there's no attention to detail. You couldn't even slide a beer down the length of the bar like you (well, the bartender) should be able to do. (See that middle column?)

Also, it was full of windows with a ton of sunshine pouring in. It should be in a basement! Also, there were creepy cardboard cut-outs of all the cast members--a very creepy Kelsey Grammar waits at the bottom of the stairs to the restrooms. And Shelley Long got stuck outside the Ladies. Ouch.

It's nice that it exists, I just wish a little more effort had been made and a little less exploitation (I noted Cheers' Bloody Mary mix stuck up on the shelves, like just slapping the label on there makes it good).

On the other hand, we had some really cool Wachusetts Blueberry Beer! The bartender drops a few blueberries in for presentation and ta da! It's very cool because they sink and then lift again, it's the lava lamp of beers. Highly recommend.

We wandered around and found my law school for today and then finished up with noodles at Wagamama.

This place I will certainly hit again--it's all about the #72, Yasai Katsu Curry. Damn fine stuff.

Today I have a tour of my law school and we're planning to hit the aquarium. I think whale watching will have to wait for summer, since the times aren't working with us today. Also, it's a little on the CHILLY side! On the plus side, in later summer on weekends there are sunset trips! Sold!


Veloute said...

Wagamama!! I haven't actually eaten there, but I have a menu for there and it makes me drool.

The double bag Long Trail beer is quite nice. Long Trail makes quite acceptable brews.

Ellen Aim said...

Something with double udders has to be okay.

(Mom says mommies have double udders.)

Wagamama RULES.

Veloute said...

This is quite true. Mommies do indeed have double udders. Hubba hubba.

Ellen Aim said...

I think mine would be considered baby udders. Too bad I'm not willing to have the offspring that would make them swell, lol! ;)

Veloute said...

Yeah, the problem with the sexy swelling is that they don't stay that way. Oh, and they leak. Which one may find sexy or not. (However, at one point I was a C!!! FTW!!!)

So now I have deflated baby udders. Hot.

/end public TMI

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, that's hot. I bet they are not so deflated as you think. I'll trade you your udders for my muffin top...