Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh! The poor turkey fell down!

I weep for the day when I have public transportation again.

I am currently in downtown Fort Worth waiting for Friday rush hour to mellow out a little since my little Jetta Hans decided to contribute to my weight-loss program by no longer offering me air conditioning.

Sweat it out, sucker, and it's only May.

Fuck you, Hans.

There are few things more expensive to fix, and HE KNOOOOOOWS I only have about two more months left. I will take it in, just in case, though seeing as I just had my fluids filled (that almost sounds like a pervy Frantics skit), I'm betting it's pricey and involved.

So I stopped off for a little snack and one beer. I even thought I'd splurge a little since it's Friday--I said I didn't want the Fire Sale beer, I wanted something in a wicked glass. (Seriously, they have markings next to the beers that come in their own special glasses...I blame this, too, on being raised to adore the "sparkly" in daily life). So she brought me her favorite beer because I only wanted one and it comes in a snifter. I would tell you what kind of beer it is, but I am not good at discerning things audibly. Will this matter in law school?

I am such a girl, ordering a beer for the glass. But I wanted to nurse it long enough for traffic to go away.

I had SO MUCH FUN at Odis last night. It was very relaxed, just hanging out on the patio of Central Market with pizza and wine, watching a couple local bands. I don't know what it is about Odis--they are so much better live than when just listening to their CD...don't get me wrong, the CD's great, it just doesn't capture the raw, energetic danceness you hear from them live. Listening to the CD, I tend to start thinking about other bands with a similar sound, but live they sound only like themselves and are very captivating--a rare thing for sure.

And the chocolate chocolate chip gelato was a bonus, but I had a great time regardless.

And since I'm hoping to hit Austin 2-3 times before moving, I'm going to try to coordinate those plans with at least one Odis performance at some of my old Austin place better than Austin to boogie with beer to music that could be on a Robert Rodriguez soundtrack!

Anyhoo, tomorrow: BOSTON!! Soooooo excited to have a flight that does NOT take off before 8am in the #$^%& AM. I don't think I've ever started a trip so late in the day, it's wild. 10am has been my latest departure flight in recent years, and that was my oft-traveled flight home to Tokyo...

Here's hoping traffic's nearly tolerable now!


Veloute said...

On one of those trips where you hit Austin, make sure it's with ME!!

Ellen Aim said...