Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

So Katy Perry was fabulous Monday night. Saying there were too many damn people is putting it mildly. But it was still fun even when all the seats around me (including mine) ended up being double-sold (due to a rescheduling of the show, no doubt). Luckily, I got there first and it never mattered.

The video I posted a couple days ago was really more for showing off costumes and production, but I couldn't help but notice it seemed more than a little off-key. This is the song she's most known for (I'm sure they play it endlessly on the radio, or did, but luckily I never listen to the radio). Again, not crazy about the video, really, but at least she's in tune this time.

The next night I went to Scat Jazz Lounge to see Ricki Derek and His Big Band, which was a rockin' good time. It was a fifteen-piece band, mostly horns with a piano and stand-up bass. Ricki Derek himself does a nice mix of tongue-in-cheek and over-the-top, complete with a full suit and lots of personality. They all clearly love playing together and joking around and it makes for a great evening.

I just loathe the drunk people who try to make themselves part of the banter. Buckets of fail, you must die. Not to mention half the people who go to jazz shows around this town have "poser" tattooed all over their faces. Sigh.

Moron #1: "Do you take requests?"

RD: "There's 15 people up here, how can we take requests?"

But it was a really great show and I'm glad we went.

Tonight the cafe at Central Market has two bands playing, one of whom I saw at the Main Street Arts Fest. It's an indie rock group of four guys called Odis and they're a lot of fun live. Not to mention the chore of drinking and snacking at Central Market, I suppose I can manage. Plus it's early, a 6-9 type deal, so that's great for me since I've been running around all week.

Tomorrow night is reserved for Project Runway Season 4, Disc 4 which Netfux FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY decided I could have. Seriously, the seasons changed while I've been waiting for this fucking disk. My instinct is to sit on it childishly for months now that I have it.

And then it's off to Boston for four days! Wheee!! Something tells me I was wrong to pack my warm clothes already. Whoops.


Veloute said...

Hey, it's in the 60s and 70s!

Oh, but yeah. Not really like down there, probably ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Tomorrow's HIGH is 60. OMFG.

Veloute said...

Hopefully you guys aren't getting soaked with rain like we are. :( It was nice this morning, and then...