Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here, kitty, kitty.

Last night we saw the new Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell.

It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

I absolutely have to recommend seeing it in a theatre, preferably one with KICK-ASS sound. I always advocate kick-ass sound, but here it has the added benefit of drowning out the type of crowd that will be watching it with you.

I am for and against the crowd in this film. Right off, I knew I had to talk myself out of expecting a respectful audience. To be fair, it's an incredibly over-the-top gory suspense fest, so it's not like one needs to concentrate or discern intricate plot details. However, I just like to enjoy the movie, kwim?

This crowd was one-third teenagers, one-third people my age and one-third a bunch of white-trash ghetto morons who talk at the whole film (though not too much to need killing). And also, this is where the great sound is essential. I honestly barely heard them. And despite a constant hum of mutterings and titterings from the crowd, well, after Christine came home from getting her fortune told and she's alone in the house? Yeah, that theater? You could hear a mouse fart.

I thought it was a testimonial to great editing.

Also, seeing it in the theater really sucks you into both the tension and the story, plus it is fun with the weekend crowd. I went in not knowing a single damn thing other than it was penned (along with his brother Ivan) and directed by Raimi, and it was a really pleasant surprise. It was goofy gore in true Raimi style, with great laughs and amazing suspense. (And Alison Lohman is pretty perfect, too, she gets it just right.)

And apparently, since Bruce Campbell's schedule was tied up with Burn Notice, he does not appear at all in the film. I admit I wondered where he was, even though I don't really care about the Raimi Details in his films (kinda hard not to spot the car, though...)

In any case, it was damn fun and I recommend it--that is, if it even sounds like your cup of tea to begin with. If not, well, 90 minutes might feel kinda long...

Ok, now it's off to Austin by myself for the weekend! Mostly, I'm going to work on my articles and hopefully finally get around to my financial aid entrance counseling (gee, don't know why I've been putting that off). I've got the keys to my realtor's condo (aka, the Very Awesome Sam) in way North Austin (new territory for me). Just want to get on the road before the sun gets lethal...

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