Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're exterminators. Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve.

Home again home again! Got home Tuesday...the nice thing about flying back to Texas is gaining that hour back. Even though they canceled our first flight and moved it UP by half an hour (which would normally be ok if it weren't the ungodly AM hours), we still made it.

The day before, we got to tour my school, have some amazing sea food, hit the aquarium and walk back up to Little Italy.

This is the open area of a park entrance across from my school...the park is probably okay, but the fountain (off to the left, not quite in the shot) seems to attract crazies--the Bible spouting kind and the mumbling homeless kind. Good times.

Here is the school itself...guess I'll be seeing a bit more of it soon. The tour was helpful, but I'll probably still forget where crap is. At least it's not as windy and twisty as Cornell! I would have never found daylight again in that place.

Anyhoo. Then it was off to lunch, which was directly across from the aquarium. This place seems to be a fairly prominent chain in the region, but it's not cheap. My mom and I both had this crab meat roll that's about $15 and sooooooooo worth it. It was bursting at the sides with crab, the way delis normally pile on the meat and cheese. Damn it was good. I'll be back for that for a treat sometime!

It's really pleasant just to walk along the wharfs and even though it was a little chillier that day, it didn't bother me at all.

Here is the New England Aquarium...the Whale Watching booth is easily found as well (and will be re-visited in July or August when I convince my mom to come visit before school)! They have sunset trips for about a month that time of year, reservations strongly recommended...

Just as you walk toward the entrance to the aquarium, this guy greets you. (And some of his friends.)

I have more pics from inside the aquarium, but it's time to get ready for work. Grumble. Stupid work.


Veloute said...

"I would have never found daylight again in that place."

You're in New England for the school year. Day light is not readily available anyway. And you're in LAW SCHOOL. No daylight for you!

I've never eaten at Legal Sea Foods, but I've heard it's yumminess. I need to visit and try to find the meringue and cannoli shop with you.

Boston is so cool. You'll have a great time. Well, between semesters ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Like I'm not already pasty enough, I'm going to look like a total vampire now.

And yeah, I have a feeling that after school starts I'm going to be like, "Boston? What's that? Oh, that place happening outside, that's Boston. Neat."