Monday, May 11, 2009

On some dancers the toes are all smooshed together, and I would just say, 'Sorry, Misha, uh-uh, not without socks.'

I got a lot packed this weekend, plus the house went on the market, woo hoo! I dropped the kitties off with my parents so I wouldn't have to worry about them getting out or people being freaked out by CATS!--and it was just in time. I got home at 2 in the afternoon to a call saying the house was being shown between 2 and 4. I left just as they were getting there, and I think it was just a large group of realtors. Hope they sell it!

I took D to see Star Trek Saturday night--it still rocks. My friend J runs projection at this theater and he is not much for fun action flicks (I do agree that the plot was far fluffier than most Trek films, and the series deserves better, but that can be the next film...this was just a very energetic reboot!) so he and I were arguing via text as the end credits rolled.

J: Finally see why it sucks?

EA: Bite me, loved it.

J: Who puts so much time and energy into such mediocrity? Why?

EA: Beats me, what's ur mom's defense?

J: Comparing my mom to Star Trek, that's fucking low.

EA: Think I was comparing u to Star Trek actually. Besides, Kirk's hotter than ur mom.

I like to keep my arguments mature.

Anyhoo, I also wanted to get a lot done this weekend since this is a big week for fun stuff. I wanted to see Katy Perry back in March, but then it got rescheduled for May and before I could talk myself into buying a ticket, it sold out.

The show is tonight and I checked ebay this morning. Just for me, someone was actually selling one ticket. Hee hee. And considering the fees ticketmaster slaps on, I bought it for less than if I had bought it before the show sold out. Sweet! I am really looking forward to it, since I have a feeling it's a big production visually. Not to mention her outfits/costumes...

Plus it's at House of Blues, my very favorite big show venue. Parking and getting out is a breeze, the seating is ideal, I love the whole place.

I know she occasionally gets slammed for her music being supposedly homophobic and/or for lezploitation (kinda hard to do both, but whatev), but this strikes me as something one might think from the song titles alone--rather than listening to the lyrics. I was initially put off by the title Ur So Gay, but the lyrics make the song, and it's not being used as an insult. I can see why someone would make that assumption, however.

In any case, I think her music's fun. And bouncy. Plus who doesn't love a big production number?

Which reminds me, reason #87 I love Central Market: I walked in today and they were playing fairly obscure Dar Williams. One of the few things I will miss in Texas, no doubt, is my Central Market!


Veloute said...

I think she's cute.

Okay, when you're in Boston, you need to spend lots of time in the Italian district. Or you can wait for me to visit you and I'll buy you meringues, cannoli, and dinner ;)

Ellen Aim said...

*greedily chooses both!*