Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maybe her gynecologist pulled the wrong tooth.

So I have had it for six years, but my Vermont battery finally died yesterday. My wonderful husband was already on his way to meet me for lunch, so he picked me up for lunch, then he jumped my battery and we drove to AutoZone where he bought me a new one and made it work again. Did you know a goddamn battery (with tax) is A HUNDRED DOLLARS?? Have they really gone up that much?? The hell happened to fifty or sixty??

And the AutoZone guy says it's more than Freon wrong with my A/C. It does sort of...make a noise when I turn it on full-blast. He thinks maybe the compressor. I'm pretty sure that's the part that runs about $1500. Goddamn you, Hans, it's like you KNOW I just need you til July-August. You are making me suffer because you know. I thought we had something, damn you!!

So I'm hitting Austin this weekend while I can still stand the drive in the heat. Stupid car. At least I don't need to spend money on the A/C. He could really stick it to me if he wanted. And he just might, so stay tuned! (No pun intended...)

Not much else. People look at my house. People go, "Eh, no."

I finally bought Ally McBeal on ebay. That's right, I'm owning my shame. I BOUGHT ALLY MCBEAL.

Even more disturbing is the realization that Richard Fish might be my favorite character. Well, except now it's season 2 and Lucy Liu has joined up...she obviously rocks more.

There is a bootleg region 1 that occasionally pops up, but I bought a legitimate set, Region 2 (yes, on purpose). For one thing, my next DVD player is going to be multi-region. You can break the region code on your player (most, naturally not on mine), but it didn't really work on D's. So I'm watching it on my computer. You can switch regions on your computer five times before it's set for good (I'm sure there's a way to override this as well). But so far, it's still really enjoyable. So there.


Veloute said...

Hans! Back stabber! Behave!

Someday I might watch Ally McBeal...

I want a multi-region DVD player!

PS I mailed you something today.
PPS People go, "Eh, no" to my house, too. I know it just takes one, but come ON.

Triana said...

I *love* Fish! One of my favorite quotes of his is "I can tell by your faces I've said something offensive. Bygones."

Mob said...

I believe most laptops are region free, if that matters to you in the meantime, without having to re-set anything.

Not sure about Macs tho, if that's your thing, but I've had to watch burned region 2 bootlegs, as well as a legit PAL format disc on the laptop I always drag with us to Dallas, it's nice to have the option in a pinch.

This Momitsu player will be the next player I ever purchase, a completely region-free Blu-ray player for $350, pretty sweet deal, and I can vouch for the HK Flix folks, I've ordered from them a few times with no complaints.

Sorry Hans is being a see you next Tuesday, he probably resents that he's going to a new home when you guys move.

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: Ooh! Lookin' forward to mail!!!

I am thinking uber-positive vibes for both my car and house. If everything can just KEEP ITS SHIT TOGETHER, we'll all be good.

You'd like McBeal, I think...

Tri: Nearly everything he says is great. I watched so many at once that now I find myself straining NOT to say, "Bygones" at inappropriate moments...

Mob: My laptop (as it turns out) is not region-free, but I'm using it anyway alongside the Mac.

I might keep an eye on that Momitsu...after all, if I'm going to buy a new player, might as well be Blu-Ray, perhaps...$350's a little steep at the moment, but those suckers'll come down!