Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Massachusetts is a blue state. God has no place here.

Hooray! I am excited to have something to divert my attention for the next three weeks...if you've read this blog for any length, you'll recall that this is the time of year USA Film Festival comes around, and I occasionally get called on to help out. Last year, I was all too happy to devote any waking minutes I could spare to making a tribute video for Mystery Science Theater 3000. I was working a lot of hours at work as it was, but I was really into making that damn thing.

This year, there are two tribute videos I've been asked to help out on; mostly one actor, but should he fall through, then we go to Plan B. I'm not allowed to say who is who, but between you and me, I would have much more of a feel for the Plan B actor--not that I don't really respect Plan A either case, I'm totally tickled to be helping out. I'm delighted to be heading to law school, make no mistake, but I will always totally fucking love editing--from sorting and pulling clips (which is what I'll be doing this weekend) to figuring out how to best assemble the puzzle (the part I often get to do when my friend gets too busy with other festival stupidities) and then watching the finished product.

If there is anything more fun than editing, I hope to find it in the next three years!


SkylersDad said...

Wait, you are into films?

Seriously good luck with the project!

Triana said...

SkylersDad: I mean who knew? ;)

That is so totally cool, I can't wait to hear about when you can dish!

Veloute said...

Can't wait to hear more!!

Ellen Aim said...

Films are okay, I guess. You know, to pass the time. ;)

Wish I could say who, but my friend might get a little pissy, so I'll wait!