Friday, April 10, 2009

Would you please tell the audience... err... the jury what happened?

Ok, I've felt like such a reject for enough months you'll forgive me if I say: Did I mention THIS yet? (It's #5 we're looking at.) I won't tell the admissions office they made a mistake with my application if you won't!

And they have so many cool specializations within their international department--from studying organizations like the EU (or doing studies THERE) to human rights to...hmm, you know, I probably should have studied those "foreign languages" more, huh? In all honesty, I have been revisiting my two years of (college) Italian via Live Mocha, which is a pretty cool site. (But something tells me I should have studied Arabic, oh well...less reason to go to the scary places, right, mom?)

And I will absolutely go back to feeling like a poser slug who can't afford to even breathe in their school, but I get at least one moment to feel pretty fucking happy. For some weird reason, all last night while falling asleep, I could not get Renee Zellweger out of my head...

A song celebrating fame through murder is possibly not the right sentiment, but there it is.

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