Saturday, April 04, 2009

Did you drink and dial?

This week I ate at two Italian restaurants in Fort Worth, Aventino's and The Italian Inn. In retrospect, I have a feeling this'll be some of the last eating out I do, since a desperate squirreling away of pennies seems to be in order. It's going to be hard not to eat out, not to mention that a scaling down of my Netfux subscription is undoubtedly in order, but I'll worry about that later. In the meantime, the restaurants...

The first one, Aventino's, was more fine dining. I had the pumpkin gnocchi, which was really tasty. Before ordering, the waitress actually asked if I wanted to relax with my wine and book. While I was reading, she brought out some English peas--compliments of the chef--with this powdered olive oil side I still can't explain despite asking about it a second time--damn was it good. It was Monday, so it was pretty quiet all around and I finished off two books I'd been reading.

And I loved Aventino's but I admit it, The Italian Inn was way more my place. It's a Fort Worth favorite I've been meaning to try for a while. The doors boast, "Home of the Singing Waiters!" and I always just sorta took that to mean birthday stuff. No. First of all, the minute you enter you have to go downstairs into a basement, and you're surrounded by graffiti from the get-go. Years of it. It's the new Flying Tomato! (For me, anyway.)

The booths have doors on them that even close (rowr!), and there is a raised piano on the main floor, where the waitstaff periodically get up and sing Beatles, Broadway, classics, whatever. I got off the phone when I heard my waitress singing All My Lovin, since that is the best Beatles song, full stop.

And hey, the food rocked, too! Always a plus. I was reading a book, but was easily distracted by the graffiti. There are notes under the booth tabletops, which are all glasstops. 98% are anniversary "I totally love you baby" type stuff, but there was a clear winner:

Dear Larry,

Did you ever think you'd see the day when I'd be here with your ex-wife and you'd be living under a fucking rock--where you belong, scumbag. Maybe next time you'll value what you have and life will hand you what you deserve--warts and herpes. In the meantime, we'll be in Europe drinking champagne, asshole.

Greg & V.

Easily my favorite.

And honestly, it's reasonably priced enough that perhaps I can go back a couple more times before August. The girls at work want to treat me to dinner next Friday, so I think I'm opting for this place!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm starting to watch The Boy In the Striped Pajamas. Bet it's a laugh riot.


SkylersDad said...

Excuse me, I am all misty from that note in the booth.

Ellen Aim said...

I know, ME TOO! Sniff.

Triana said...

Oh MY. I haven't thought about the Italian Inn in ages. My bf from high school took me there once. We loved it, all dark and cozy and full of character. The notes have certainly gotten more colorful, I see!

Ellen Aim said...

I can't believe I've never been! I wish I had known about it before, yum! I wonder how many other great places like that there are around here...okay, probably not many...

Veloute said...

OH!!! Now I understand everything.

I must go here. I like the doors on the booths.

Ellen Aim said...

Hee hee, sorry, thought you'd read this one. Der me, you in Vegas or something?

Yes, the doors are wicked.