Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's soup is Cream of I'll Kick Your Ass.

First of all, I had a great weekend. I wanted to blog about it beforehand, but it was a surprise for someone who reads my blog. He's busy getting his PhD at Columbia, but with my luck, that would be the week he checked my blog!

Drew, my old Tokyo roommate and one of my two best friends, had his 30th birthday this past week and his partner Luis was throwing him a party Saturday night. He sent out an E-vite a couple months ago and he and I decided I would fly in and be part of the surprise. For one thing, I am the last person to get to meet Luis, so it was nice to spend the day with him catching up. He is instantly lovable--oh, and did I mention he does cancer research and sings opera? Oh, me too. He has a great sense of humor and is very easy to be around; he is just perfect.

I have pictures and New York City always lends itself well to posts, but that will probably be the next post. First! Something completely different. I've been cleaning out the house as I pack and I found a media card from my first digital camera I bought in 1999. These pictures are from December 2002--I had been back from Japan for a month and my niece Fiona was still brand-new, not even a year old (she was born in February).

The pictures after the family pics are drastically different and are somewhat NSFW.

My apologies for the red eye, I'm on my laptop, which only has crappy programs for fixing that.

There were more, but these were the best 3.

Now, a couple months later I went back to Japan and stayed with my good friend Louisa. We both enjoy wine immensely. She is also a huge Chow Yun Fat fan, and someone gave her a Chow Yun Fat doll at some point. She also has a wicked sense of humor and various trinkets about the apartment.

So by "various trinkets," I mean a toy penis, a small stuffed sheep and duck. This was utterly hysterical at the time. Now, it's a VERY ODD THING to discover on your media card. (But it does still crack me up.)

It's a little blown out, but the duck is enjoying the show.

Nothing like a multi-species gang bang. (And Chow is flexing for his reflection, if you can't tell.)

Ah, wine.

[Editor's Note: So apparently, that is a chicken from Chicken Run, not a duck. Moo moo.]


SkylersDad said...

this is just damn wonderful!

Veloute said...

You just totally made my day. Cute baby and multi-species gang bang with flexing.

My day is over.

Jesus Forever said...

Ellen said...
'Damn, what's a girl got to do to get JESUS to comment on her blog? Bastard."

Dear Ellen,
Was your father a bastard? Repent!

Ellen Aim said...

I just never get tired of looking at Chow Yun-Fat's ass cheeks.

And now, with Jesus in the comments, this post is REALLY complete.

Veloute said...

OMG, every time I try to write something, I just laugh. I give up.

The only thing these pictures need is Hefty Smurf.

Jesus Forever said...

Dear Ellen,
At least you have a sense of humour!

Did your father have a sense of humour?

Ellen Aim said...

Hefty Smurf! Omg, now the pictures feel empty. But Heft would have to be a bottom, natch.

You rock, Jesus. That is going to be my answer for every question today.

Q: "Did you finish those reports?"

A: "Did your father finish those reports?"


Jesus Forever said...

Dear Ellen,
Did those reports finish your father?

Was your father a reporter?