Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have urges in my areas.

Alex was asking which Frantics clip "...and one more for Jenny and the wimp," was from...

But the funny thing that put it in my head was actually one of Wil Wheaton's posts. It was a total aside, but I don't think I've ever seen someone make a Frantics reference who wasn't Canadian (and even then, my count is up to ONE and it was another teacher in Japan who caught me muttering something about the glazed doughnuts...)

But someone in the comments section sent me this:

Whatever did we do before youtube?

I can't find some of my favorites ("Gas Station Washroom," "He's Wearing Nazi Paraphernalia," etc.), but I recall my dad was always fond of this one...


Veloute said...


I adore The Frantics! It's been ages!

That last song rocks.

Oh, and I love the car trip song/skit.

I need to incorporate "...and a boot to the head" in my daily life now.

Veloute said...

And also? I have this urge to whisper every 47 minutes today...I have URGES. In my AREAS.

Veloute said...

The fabulous Boot to the Head SONG.

"People who vote Republican..."

Ellen Aim said...


I know, I tried to find the "Carsick" song too, to no avail. But I get it in my head when I DO get carsick...every time for the past, what, twenty years? Now that's a song!

LOVE the "Boot to the Head" song...I think that's the first time I could discern the lyrics!