Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You are a manila envelope glued to a beige wall.

This line popped into my head when I was thinking about Boston Legal. Just kidding, there's nothing beige about James Spader. I could watch him in (almost?) anything.

Just started a new show last night at Alex's recommendation, Burn Notice. I was shocked to see it, too, was a product of the USA Network. I hope it doesn't go the route of The Starter Wife, which is to say, cancellation. To be fair, Burn Notice is much stronger.

It amused me that even though the show could hardly be more different from Miami Vice, it's nearly impossible to set the show in Miami without worrying about comparisons. Hopefully Alex doesn't mind me repeating her writing, because it's perfect: Miami Vice is a gritty downer in a pretty pastel dress; Burn Notice is optimism in a tailored suit with a g-string underneath.

So I eagerly await disc 2. It can be a little pat and you usually know how it's going to end, but that doesn't mean the ride isn't enjoyable.

I also started Australia. It really takes a moment to adjust to the world of Baz Lurhmann. I love Baz, but the drama is so MELODRAMATIC and the comedy almost slapstick, it can take a moment to submerge into the mood and not start to hate it.

But the drama and pace have been really on-target, and it's been an easy watch for its 2 hr 45 minute runtime. I was sort of questioning Nicole for a while, but I think she's mostly got it together. It's a hard role to get just right, in fairness.

Also, HOORAY FOR VERMONT!! And D.C. isn't doing too badly, either! Yeah!

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