Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, well. I've never seen trash take itself out.

Today I need to take pictures of my house, which is sort of tricky. I want the room to be as bare as possible so people can imagine their own crap in it, but I also haven't packed everything yet (are you kidding?) and even if I had, then the rooms would just be full of boxes. I'll make it work. I just need Tim Gunn to step in intermittently, furrow his brow and go, "I'm concerned," or "It worries me."

I also have to put down a deposit for the second of the two universities I may attend, because I just can't make up my mind. I talked to two people at this university to pick their brains about classes for the dual degree for which I was accepted. I think it actually confused me more (who knew it could be done?). I also need to see about flying out to said university to look at cardboard boxes for rent. Housing, joy.

Oh, and then there's financial aid. I got the standard government maximum, which covers half of the needed funds. I got this from each university. While I'm still working both of them and telling each I've accepted, how does that affect fin aid? I need to accept it and get the rest from GRAD Plus or what-the-hell-ever private loan feels like giving me another 20K, but shouldn't I only do this for one university? And how quickly do I need to do it, considering I'm still vacillating between the two? I'd like to do it NOW because who wants to be short 20K when tuition comes due? Yeah, not so much.

And my second university will let me register this Friday--OMG. REGISTER? Like, for CLASSES?? Not only is that giving me hardcore UNT 8am-registration-via-phone flashbacks (shudder), but it majorly freaks me out. Probably because it will be MAY 1st and that suddenly makes August seem like tomorrow.

And if August is tomorrow, does that mean I should have sold my house yesterday?

And no, this does not mean I have started watching Gossip Girl.

Well. Ok, maybe it does.


alex said...

I just need Tim Gunn to step in intermittently, furrow his brow and go, "I'm concerned," or "It worries me." L M F A O. You win the internet today.

And ugh, the 8am-phone-registration. You just gave me a chill.

Ellen Aim said...

Ha ha! Yeah, don't ask. Somehow his concern would quell my meltdown. Solidarity or something.

You know, I can still hear the digital registration voice in my head, telling me the class I want is full. (Though I honestly don't think that ever happened.)

Veloute said...

OMG phone registration. I did get that "this class is full" thing and I had TEX at UT. "Goodbye and good luck". Plus just the whole morning calling and recalling and recalling and then! The phone rings while you try not to hang up and redial...

Today I am trying to pack. If I took pictures of my house? Oh my god. It's too depressing to ponder. I'm thinking of just buying plants for the entrance and calling it done. Oh, and I'll light a fucking apple scented candle.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, word. Only I was going to go for the chocolate chip cookie scented candle.

alex said...

Tim Gunn: *pats you on the shoulder* Carry on.

(He WOULD be calming! I think this is why I love him so.)

Christ, the dialing and redialing. And, you know, just having to get up at dawn's buttcrack TENSE, ready to dial. Yeah, I got "full class" messages. Complete with the automated voice's leading pause for dramatic effect. lmfao, remembering this even years later this is still tensing me up.

@ellen, at least you are signing up for what are probably "core" classes, right? Not so much with extra-limited class sizes...? Here's hoping.

alex said...

netfux is also not sending me the final season 4 disc. STILL. this situation makes me put on the frowny Tim face.

Triana said...

"Goodbye and good luck".

*snicker* *SCREAMS*

I swear that's the main reason (besides my laziness) that keeps me from getting another degree. I'm scarred for life.

Douglas said...

Conventional wisdom states that you should photograph your house with your furniture in it.

Ellen Aim said...

Alex: it would be core classes at one school, but the one who has registration on Friday is for the dual degree and I don't have CLUE ONE what that entails registration-wise...

And TELL! ME! about d4s4 PR. JFC.

Triana: LOL. It took me 10 years to delude myself into getting another one. Score. That and the idea of HOW NEAT it would be to be $180K in debt.

Oh wait. Maybe not that last one.

Douglas: You would think so (and so would I), and to some extent it's inevitable, but the theory is that people want to imagine their own ugly crap in it.

And judging from the houses I looked at three years ago, people do indeed have some ugly crap.