Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...and one for Jenny and the wimp.

Sometimes, coffee after 8pm is not a good idea. Actually, that's probably usually a good rule of thumb, huh?

And then when you do finally go to sleep, it's a lot of fun to wake up slightly after 5:30am anyway! Whee. On the plus side, I needed to catch up on some Netfux. Season 2 of Arrested Development is quite humorous at 6am.

Speaking of Netfux, two things. I could be really pissed that disc 4 of season 4 Project Runway has been at the top of my queue for at least a month (I mean, seriously, disc 4, really? Not to mention the fact I'm not even ashamed to be openly bitching about my inability to finish Project Runway...), but aww, look who finally decided to start shipping on Saturday. Something like, what, seven years later, but I'll take it.

On a completely random note, I never did mention that Australia kinda sucked. And it was enough of a wreck that I feel the need to address it 2-3 weeks later. Rock on.

When I wrote about it, I was halfway through and it was unfolding fairly decently. I really tried to give it the benefit of the doubt--you know, all that melodrama. But it just didn't work. Like, at all.

The reason I like [most] Baz Lurhmann films is the same reason I like Streets of Fire so much--they are so uniform in their over-the-topness. From the music to the characters to the dialogue...they sell themselves in all of it. Sadly, Australia just brings the melodrama to otherwise ordinary characters and a [more] realistic story (work with me here)--it just doesn't mix together nicely.

I have no problem with the length or the fact the story turns into at least three different stories...I actually usually really go for that, but it's nice when it's done somewhat seamlessly. Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino is an example of how this is done well. Australia does not do this so well. I tried to be patient, but I think I actually turned it off as the last five minutes unfurled. (It was the principle of the thing.)

Ok, back to looking for $40,000! Whee!


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I need some serious catching up. AU? Are we going to be neighbors this fall?

PS - You couldn't pay me to watch Australia (the movie) -- and I'm a huge fan of Australia (the country).

alex said...

You know, I swear netfuxxors used to ship on Saturdays. Way back. Maybe I'm dreaming. But it seemed like it...

HOW can this many people be sitting on disc 4?? It's the finale! It's not a Cinematic Work of Art that you've convinced yourself you need to see and keep putting off because you'd rather watch the guilty pleasures you've rented. Don't these people want to know who WINS? I DO. JFC.

lol, I can't even search youtube or hulu for it because I'm trying so hard not to be spoiled over this old news.

Ellen Aim said...

CR: It's different every day. Today I'm leaning on Boston. I just need to make up my mind.

You are wise not to attempt Australia, indeed.

Alex: JFC fer sure. It's ONE EPISODE, kwim? Sure, it's 2 hrs, but it's SO the disc you watch before your others even though you've had the others for a month.

alex said...

Shit: I cave. I've been trying to figure it out all day. I *know* it's Frantics, but what skit is that from????????? I can even picture the guy saying it.

Ellen Aim said...

I just made it its own post, even though it has nostalgia for no one but us, lol!

Veloute said...

OMG, I couldn't even remember it was the Frantics. I KNEW it, but I just couldn't quite get there.

What a relief.