Monday, April 06, 2009

After the square dance, maybe we can all take a hay ride.

I'm still pretty giddy from Friday's news...I vacillate between "OMG!!!111!" and "Holy SHIT am I doing everything I need to with financial aid?"

My potential educators sent me a letter about needing more info, which I had to call and correct them on--you wouldn't believe the hoops one has to go through to prove that their parents are not paying for their education (how old am I, again??). They're rushing my award through the process so I know what to ask for in private loans (groan), which I am not supposed to seek yet. Whew. Just have that nervous feeling like I should be doing something, you know?

Also, I'm so glad I checked the mail on Friday before my email, as they had mistakenly sent me an email reminding me to make my deposit by a certain date. They caught the error, and sent me another email saying, "Whoops, just kidding, congrats on getting in and your deposit date is actually later, so no worries." Would have been a really anticlimatic way to find out, though! There's something nice about getting the Big Envelope in the mail rather than the skinny rejection letter.

And it looks like classes (well, orientation) starts August 12th! August is very far away, but you know what? It's SO TOTALLY NOT. Time to get BOXES! And I need to call the magnificent Sam, my realtor, to see about selling/renting my house. I know most people in this market opt for renting...and I have to admit I love the idea, since I love my house so much. All the work I've put into that yard!! You can't really tell, but you shoulda seen it in the beginning...that poor yard!

It's such a family neighborhood, especially with schools, I don't know if people would rather buy, to be honest...hey, I'll take it where I can get it!

Also, please do not watch Boston Legal. It's really bad. I'm 4 discs into a 6-disc season 1, and well, it blows. I love James Spader, truly, and any laughs are strictly due to his delivery, but it's just not worth it. At this point, it's very much like watching a train wreck and I feel compelled to see the season out.


Anonymous said...

I on the other hand love love "Boston Legal". The show is so out of the norm that it is fabulous. Great writing, fantastic acting (particularly James Spader as Alan Shore)and LOL moments in every episode. I have probably seen every one of the 101 episodes at least 4 times each. The show never fails to amuse me, entertain me and at times educate me in the politics of the day.

Ellen Aim said...

I can't really give you a hard time, considering I enjoy Project Runway and Ally McBeal, but wow! Didn't mean to tread on your toes!

I do respect its attempts to be out-of-the-norm, absolutely. But I also find some of the courtroom drama to be way too unbelievable.

The Shatner bits seem forced (no fault of his), and I readily admit sometimes a show really picks up after season 1, so perhaps I'll watch season 2 to check it out...

And there is no doubt that show is ALL ABOUT James Spader...I wouldn't have lasted more than 3 episodes otherwise.