Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's see how you like it when the lawn piddles on you!

I smell another MST3K dream coming on. Got to the theater around 2pm and just got home--it's 1:15am. Digitizing and editing takes a long ass time. And we're not really close to being done! I'd prefer it to be a 30-minute piece but it needs to be more like 20 minutes so as not to cut down on panel time.

I pulled various clips for a visual montage at the end, the intro is basically done and the theater clips are mostly assembled for the Joel films and the Mike films. Mike Nelson won't be there (that we know of) so as it stands now the Mike film clips run under four minutes and the Joel clips run around six. I think it's more than acceptable that the film segments take up half the piece, but I don't think others will agree. It's not like I'm on the bottom of the totem pole, I'm not even on the damn thing, so my opinion really isn't going too far. But so far I've been the one to do most of the clip pulling, so it's a passive power I have.

I feel kinda bad, it's pretty obvious I spent more time on the Joel clips. Not only are the Mike films running under four minutes, they don't have the variety of the first group. But I mean, come on. That's what I was given to work with--I just didn't go out of my way to get more like I did with the earlier seasons (though I would, given the time). I really wish I had the time to pull better clips altogether--these are fine but we're really missing some essentials, like the stuff I always quote. Oh well.

I have a feeling my input may kind of end here. I want to work on it tomorrow but it means going up there in the early afternoon (by which I mean 1-2pm) when I've been trying to get home to Denton for a little while! And during the week I work during the day, but J has film fest stuff at night so he needs to work on it during the day. We'll see.

I certainly like the material, but it's really nice to be playing around with video editing again, it has been a really, really long time.

Oh, and I bought a poster of Mitchell that, assuming it arrives in time, will hopefully get some autographs. (Delightfully paid for by my online writing! See, I knew that pocketful of change in my PayPal account would come in handy someday!)

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