Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deep Hurting.

Wow, thanks to my dad for this fantastic news blip about these people who sell candles that yes, smell like Jesus. You know, I'm going to stop working and playing the lottery. I'm just going to come up with the next batshit crazy Jesus fad or else start looking for Virgin Mary-shaped food to sell on ebay.

Wow, where has April gone? Next week Veloute is going to be here! That means next Tuesday is the 22nd! Like, holy shit! So exciting! Gotta save my pennies, especially for Austin and wine country! I'm actually starving right now so it hurts to think about Mangia or barbeque...might salivate all over my keyboard.

Gotta go work on the MiSTie project tonight. It's hard because I'm notating time code for the best bits from various episodes, which takes time, then at night I'm digitizing it at my friend's work. He actually wants to start editing tonight, which is luckily possible with this new-fangled digital editing, but I still don't think we have enough material to start slapping shit together. But we'll soon see.

And many, many super thanks with sprinkles on top to Cinemaslave Joe for sending me a couple extra shows we just didn't have. I recall watching the big Thanksgiving marathons (30 hours of MST3K! yeah baby!) and seeing the little documentary This is MST3K, but I never owned it. And even though MST3K: The Movie comes out on DVD in May, that doesn't do us much good NOW. Hello Macrovision VHS, right? My work friend J says he can defeat it but he'd rather just have a proper copy which hooray, Joe is a-sendin'.

And then I asked for two more I really wanted to include in the montages or just in the film-watching segments--there's one movie where Gypsy gets to sit in with the guys and another where Crow has to fight off his evil replica Timmy, a black version of Crow. Fire Maidens From Outer Space and Hercules and the Captive Women, I believe. Good stuff. It's quite bizarre and their antics continue throughout their watching the movie, which rarely happened.

I hope it all falls together well. My friend J, with whom I'm editing this, gets a little obsessed about quality (not that I'm complaining!) and I keep having to explain that the whole low-budget high-on-charm thing is part of its appeal. He originally didn't think we should have too many clips of them in the theater as it would really look crappy once thrown up on the big screen. So we got a clip and tried it and luckily, it actually looks way better than I expected. But again, I had to sort of say, "Dude. That's what this show is. We have to show as much of this as we can!" But of course we'll have plenty of the other's just that I'm way biased.

In my viewing time, though, I just have to say I'm pretty sure Mitchell will always be my favorite. That is just the worst, oiliest and most repulsive "hero" of any movie ever. The hell was anyone thinking?

Ok, time to go play with more MST3K!


The [Cherry] Ride said...

Candles that smell like Cheezits? That's brilliant!

Ellen Aim said...

I know! Why can't I think of these things first??

CinemaslaveJoe said...

Y'er welcome. :)