Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doesn't being Universal make it International?

I must have really wanted to edit last night, as I got off work early and had to drive by the house to pick up the videos Joe sent, hit J's house to get the converter box for digitizing, then head up to the Angelika in downtown Dallas.

But I'm really glad I did! The festival started yesterday so J was incredibly busy as things seldom go smoothly with these things (video projectors at that place are possessed, I SWEAR) which meant that I basically got to do all the editing on the piece. This has its up and down sides.

The up side? Complete creative control, woo baby! The down side? Well, it probably looks like it was edited by someone who hasn't edited in ten years. (Ok, seven). And that's not altogether my fault--I didn't have a whole lot of material, meaning the montage section probably doesn't have as many cuts as it should. Grr. Plus it still needs to get smoothed out with the finishing touches, though I do have it coming in at 22 minutes, which I think really impressed J since I wanted it to be 30 (til I learned that would just take away time from the panel).

I can't tell if I love it or if I'm embarrassed by it. On the one hand, I'm so thrilled to have been using Premiere again and I like a bunch of the cuts I did. Then another time I watched it and I was just like, oh my god. This is the most amateurish thing ever. Oh well. At least it's nearly done!

Soon I will have other things to talk about, I swear.

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