Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I can't believe you're gonna let a few little letters of the alphabet keep us apart. It is a detail! Just - look, just call me Damon, okay?

The countdown is on! Iron Man comes out this weekend, totally jazzed. Need to get the hook-up to see if I can get into a screening beforehand...

Anyhoo, what a great weekend! While I did not attend the Cinematic Titanic event due to my needing to be in Austin, the event did sell out and our tribute video was a big success.

Infact, I just have to take a moment to squee and gloat because Joel Hodgson wants a copy of the video I worked on. Totally requested a copy and everything. Yup. Hee hee. Ok, I'm done.

My friend J forgot my Mitchell poster at home (he says he felt very badly about it and got a program signed for me instead) and he immediately followed this up with the news that Joel wanted a copy.

The fuck am I going to do with a Joe Don Baker poster??

On the somewhat sad side, my name appears nowhere on the video (there aren't "credits" really) nor did it make the program, since the book was printed before J could get the names to them he needed. So none of the MST3K people were forced to read my name, which I thought would be pretty nice, but really, I guess it doesn't matter. (I say this now, though I admit I may have been a little disappointed).

But it was fun and that's the important thing. I've been investigating buying Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro for my own use, but I think they may be pricier than I think. I like and know Premiere, but I think video editing people prefer FCP. Which I should really learn anyway.

But first I need to buy San Francisco tickets for Emily's wedding! And a digital Canon Rebel. So video editing software may be on the back burner for a while. Like the way back burner.

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