Thursday, January 01, 2009

Can't we have one spontaneous conversation without it ending up in one of your stories?

Not a bad first day of the year, really. I know, I know, I haven't blogged in ages. I have tons to catch up on. Got my LSATs a week early.

I was at my computer at work last Monday only to find an email titled, “Your December 2008 LSAT score.” Like any bad news, I really didn’t want to read that at work. And I wasn’t expecting it. Infact, I had planned to take the day off next Monday just in case I screwed the pooch in such spectacular fashion that I couldn’t hide my shame without copious amounts of vodka. But how can you not click on that puppy?

So I did and my score was not so terrible. It was not the glorious achievement I would have liked, but nor is it an embarrassment. Sadly, I do note that it’s lower than what most of my six schools typically go for, so hopefully they’re really looking for older students big on international travel and uh, charm?

I got my first scary email from George Washington telling me they had everything they needed and that I should expect to hear from them after mid-February. Eek!

I will get into xmas and all that (I got to read some great books and two graphic novels and knocked out several movies) but today I just had so much on my mind that I went out this morning intending to go to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and then go from there.

Instead, I sort of wound up on I-35S and drove down to Austin where I spent a very nice few hours at Mangia eating their pizza and surfing their internets. It was so meant to be, I mean, not only were they open, but I picked a booth with an outlet. Hot.

It had an ominous start once I got there, however, as I started to become convinced one needed to flash some tit just to get a little service. Instead, I went up to the bar and said, "Do I just order here, or should I be expecting a waiter?"

My waiter not only apologized before actually serving me, he said my first beer was on the house. Upon tabbing out, I saw that he also did not charge me for my second (and final, thanks) beer. So I had a $14 tab and he got a $10 tip. It all worked out nicely.

It must be the way-too-many-years in retail that sparks off the rage when you get ignored like that. "Hi, can I please give you my money?"

Oh, and then after I got back in my car, I'd made a mental note to see if Momoko was open, as I was sad not to have secured myself a dharma doll for the New Year. (Especially with all this law school nonsense, I could really use a dharma doll!) So I tap into my GPS system and start to look up Momoko. I'm piddling around for a bit trying to figure out how to search in Austin, since obviously I'm not in DFW anymore. Then it occurs to me.

It already knows I'm in Austin.

Either I'm getting too old for new technology or I'm just that slow or hey, both. But anyhoo, so I look it up and bam, there's the number! So I call and yup, they were closed for the holiday. True, it just so happens that Momoko is less than a mile from Mangia, but that's not the point. The point is just how fucking cool my little Nuvi GPS is. I have even downloaded a saucy Australian man to speak directions to me and my car is now a giant bird, a la Kehaar from Watership Down. ("You stupid bunnies! You got no mates!") Anyhoo.

It was a nice day. Even though what I really needed was a nice long drive by myself, I gotta say...the pizza at Mangia really is almost worth that much of a drive. (Plus they have outlets for my laptop, hee hee.) And the Mother Ship beer is magic. But goddamn that's some good pizza.

But now I am back home in Arlington, meeting my friend Sara at Gloria's for a brief New Years drink and then home to maybe squeeze in an episode of House, M.D. (I've been playing catch-up) before passing out.

Happy New Year!


Veloute said...

Okay, I need to try this Mangia pizza.

I got a little thrill that It knew you were in Austin. Eeek!

'Sokay, I'm definitely old ;)

Fingers crossed you get into some/all of your school choices!!

Nice to have you back :)

Ellen Aim said...

Indeed! But only if I can be there, too. ;)

It did know! It was kinda weird actually.

Bwahahahah, if only they would all take me. I'd be downright cocky. And wondering who paid them off.

And speaking of people who need to start posting more... ;)

Veloute said...

*looks innocently around*

Triana said...

(*whispers* Vel, you've been there!)

Congrats on the test scores!

(outnests? What kind of security word is outnests? They're not even trying)

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, I thought Vel HAD to have been there...

And danke!

Veloute said...

OMG I have. Near the Alamo?

Well, I want to go again :p

Triana said...

We went to the one way up north on Far West (off of Mopac). Think deep dish pizza and there was a Godzilla.

But quite obviously we will go again!

Ellen Aim said...

Mine is across from Wheatsville on the drag. They put the Godzilla on top of the Co-op for some reason, though...