Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That's the only time a menorah got me to first base.

We have quite a layer of ice on our little street!

I did stay home all yesterday and polished off a decent bit of season 5 of 24 (I really like to concentrate on the torture scenes and take notes! Hi dad!) while I made some butternut squash soup, creamed spinach, the yummy sweet potato rolls, and my mom's macaroni and cheese. And of course, for Vel's birthday (of course) I cracked open my Syrah from Texas Hills. God that was good.

These are the veggies before becoming tender and pulverized for a damn fine soup...especially for winter! I love the bright squash.

And after much wine, I may or may not have purchased a ticket for only myself for next Thursday's Bass Hall's performance of Cats! Look, I've said before I have no shame. I only bought one without asking anyone to join me since they were pretty pricey and I certainly wasn't going to drag the husband along. That would be cruel. It's purely nostalgia but I admit, I still do genuinely enjoy it...hee hee.

I forgot Judi Dench (!) was cast as Grizabella for the London opening in 1981 but snapped a tendon and Elaine Paige took over (and though Memory was supposed to be sung by another cat (how that would have worked is beyond me but whatev), it ended up being given to her instead). Needless to say, the cast I'm seeing may not quite be the same caliber as Elaine Paige, but I'm willing to give it a go!

Hmm. In retrospect now that I've dug up pictures...I'm quite nostalgic and fond of the suddenly occurs to me I may need a couple drinks at the Saucer before going in. (They're across the street from each other.) I did see the musical once, but it was about fifteen years ago. And I have a nice seat this time. Figured what the hell, it's only money.

Anyhoo, speaking of Texas Hills and their fine wines, I actually uploaded some Austin pics!

The first stop, Texas Hills. This is around Johnson City/Fredricksburg area, south of Austin.

Here we are with Brutus the Very Friendly Dog. I am really not a dog person but he kinda won me over. He has a big foot fetish, throwing himself down on them at all times. Also, he is apparently really into goldfish crackers.

This was the second stop, Pedernales Cellars. They are brand new, just a few weeks old. They had a killer reserve wine, but everyone agreed the Viognier is the reason to go. Reasonable price and it's quite tasty.

Rachael & Kendra

Last stop, Torre di Pietra! Great wines...we purchased this one to have with our cheese and was 80 outside that day!

Rachael, Kendra, some girl who jumped in the picture, and Alexandra

The cat who kept us company while we ate snackies and a bottle of wine. He was a great lap cat but I don't think he ever got what he was after... (Do people usually bring salmon or what?)

Rachael, Alexandra, and the same random chick (she probably just had too many wine samples, who knows)

An evening at Mangia!

Kendra & Rachael (yes, Rachael is drinking Shiner, but let's move on ;P)


It was only a couple days but it was a very nice break from DFW...I am up for that anytime! The weather was so perfect, even though it was so wrong for January.

It was about 80 (maybe 78 in DFW), and that was Friday. As of Tuesday/Wednesday, it has been in the 20s and we are covered in ice (again, DFW, I think Austin just got the threat). I do love the randomness of Texas weather, but it's no wonder most people wander around sick for about four months.

I just hope my mailperson can get disc 2 of Project Runway to my little mailbox, I'm totally dying to see what happens. Hee hee. Thanks, Alex!


Anonymous said...

That random chick could totally drink me under the table.

I want to see Cats! with you!

And come back to Austin :(

Seriously, Mother Ship was definitely the better beer there.

Ellen Aim said...

She said she got lots of practice in Tokyo!

Come see Cats! with me!! Would be fun.

We can go to Austin and drink Mother Ships anytime you like!

SkylersDad said...

Looking great random chick!

Ellen Aim said...

Random chick says thank you!