Sunday, January 04, 2009

Do you see creamed corn on that plate?

So I had a great Christmas at my parents’ house, watching a bunch of movies, cooking, drinking, working on a Hitchcock mystery puzzle the hubby got me for one of my xmas prezzies...also had a decent xmas at the in-laws. Easily the big drama was D's car dying on his way home from work xmas eve. Good times. I'll get into it on another post, but let's just say that POS is no longer with us and D is now the proud owner of a red 2006 Kia Spectre. She's quite cute.

Otherwise, no drama. Even the cats had a decent car trip, the secret key apparently lying in hard rock or rap to really shut Bourdain up. He was especially fond of Warp 11’s Trekkie Girl and Eminem’s Without Me and Superman. Apparently the misogynistic lyrics really do it for him. But it was a tolerable trip! I'm not saying I didn't have to clean up some poo and barf, but he was pretty quiet and that's really all I can ask.

I have seen a lot of films on DVD recently, and I'm glad, as looking over the past year I need to make more of an effort to see good films. I did watch a shitload of TV on DVD, so that explains part of it.

On a whim a few weeks ago, I was all, "You know, I kinda want to see Philadelphia again." Well, on New Year's Eve around 3am after D had dropped off to sleep I threw it in. Twenty minutes later, I thought, "The hell was I thinking?" Yeah, I sent that back. I mean, it's not bad, and I really respect it for what it did at the time, but not only is it hella depressing, it's not really all that good. Aside from some great acting and a kick-ass soundtrack, we can just sort of admire that one and not watch it again as far as I'm concerned. I do have Silverlake Life: The View From Here and Longtime Companion on my Netflix list, however, in an apparent bid to revisit uber-depressing favorites.

Two xmas movies I watched over the holidays for the first time ever were White Christmas and We're No Angels. And really, I didn't finish the first one. I love me some Bing Crosby but that thing sucked the biggest donkey balls. First of all, Holiday Inn was 1942 and this POS makes a movie around its hit song twelve years later in 1954? What sort of desperate cash cow is that? I just couldn't get through it. Irving Berlin or no, those other songs were fucking pathetic. That "Snow" song was embarrassing as hell.

We're No Angels started out sort of meh, but it really picked up and I quite enjoyed it. And clearly I'm speaking of the Humphrey Bogart version. I'm aware there is a remake out there, but I have a feeling it sort of blows. Lots of cute scenes, I think you do need to be in the mood, but I definitely liked it.

And by god, I am getting to the fucking movie theatre this week if it kills me.

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