Friday, January 09, 2009

Dogs barking, can't fly without umbrella.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Alex!

A very bouncy song for you. And a video that's a little, uh, different!

And of course, an old favorite:

Though I'm not sure what's worse--knowing how well we know the movie or Dave's haircut in this video.


alex said...

Thank you!

Oh my, that video... XD

Haha, oh Dave. Very special hair. And I love how not even clever editing can obscure how hard they have to try to make it look like three men are TTLY CONCENTRATING on the synths on a song that they could've just programmed and abandoned for a cigarette break.

Triana said...

Happy birthday, Alex!!

Ellen Aim said...

I know...I could not refrain from giggling during Alan's INTENSE synth playing. Hopefully it really is programmed and they are concentrating instead on their shroom trip.

Happy B'day!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday, Alex!!