Friday, December 19, 2008

That baby's ready to tend bar.

Hmm. Con: I am married to someone who has seen neither The Usual Suspects nor The Untouchables. I asked, "Are there any other 'U' movies you need to tell me about?"

Pro: The very bestest husband in the whole world bought me a Garmin Nuvi for xmas. I want to lick it, marry it, have children with it. If you know me at all, you know I cannot find my way out of a mall parking lot. No, know I cannot find my way out of a public bathroom. I get turned around with such embarrassing ease that I am no longer embarrassed by my shame.

It not only guides me everywhere (and that bossy American chick is soon to be replaced by a saucy Australian or UK man) but I can tell it restaurants I want (or it will find some for me), nearby gas stations, entertainment, anything you could possibly want except perhaps where I might find an empty parking spot downtown on a Friday night the weekend before Christmas. But picky picky.

I think the pros have it, especially considering the cons simply mean I get to watch both of those movies again. And best of all, he has somehow made it this far with no one having spoiled The Usual Suspects for him. Weird.


SkylersDad said...

Well played husband unit!

alex said...

omg! He is so lucky to have those ahead of him! Enjoy!!

Veloute said...

Good shows. I bet he loves them.

And SCORE! Sweet present. I totally understand about getting turned around. That must come from growing up together. Or something.

Anonymous said...

I think your cons are really pros. This way you have something to share with him.


Ellen Aim said...

They absolutely are. unfortunately, when this logic is switched around, it means I would have to watch "Dance of the Dead," something he really wants to show me. (And I'm sure is fine, it's know...I'm suspicious...)