Monday, December 15, 2008

I can't talk to that guy. I went to private school.

Wow, so we're getting ice for the second time this year already and it's not even Christmas! This is weird. We don't normally see winter til January.

I would prefer it if my husband were also home already, as even on my ride home (I brazenly went downtown after work to indulge in fettucine alfredo and Shiraz) the bridges were accumulating black ice. I-35S was fairly lucky, but I-35N seemed to have at least 3 severe accidents in the 10-minute time span that is my drive. What can I say, Texans love to drive on ice.

But now that I am home, I am snuggled up in my hot delicious spa with a big fat cup of Earl Grey and the first disc of season 4 of Cheers on my laptop. Even if I bombed the fuck out of my test and don't ever go to law school, by god, I will have that spa.

And this clip totally made my morning. I giggled on the way to work thinking back on it. Thanks, dad!


Veloute said...

Oh, Spaghetti Cat. How you make us laugh.

God, I need a spa. And Earl Grey. Instead of Cheers, I am in the mood for old Star Trek.

Black ice! You crazy Texans. ;) I did the black ice spin, and I never need to do it again. I bet it's way more fun on I-35.

Ellen Aim said...

LOVE Spaghetti Cat.

I'll take STNG for a compromise.

I have spun on the highway, not due to ice but to the incompetence of others. Good times. And yes, on I-35, woot!