Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I bit myself shaving.

It's Wednesday and I can feel the crazy oozing out a little here and there. My big test is Saturday. Did you know they fingerprint you for this test? You can bring your #2 pencils, a juice box and snack (but don't even LOOK AT IT unless it's during the ONE 15-minute break), and your prayers and that's it. Oh, and your test ticket and government-issued ID.

I had to register with LSAC's site (well, I didn't HAVE TO, but the law schools PREFER IT) which was $117. And the LSAT test itself is, I forget, maybe $120? It's just like Leo says, man, they fuck you at the drive-thru.

I have 5-7 schools in mind for applying, which should come in around $350-500.

So I thought I'd drink a little.

Just kidding. But I will be doing quite a bit Saturday night. I figure after my test (it's probably going to run around 5-6 hours?) on Saturday I'll hit the Flying Saucer around 2pm (the test is right across from the Water Gardens, so I'm five minutes from FOOD and more importantly, BEER) for a VERY unhealthy lunch (say it with me now: CHEESE FRIES) and then I'll head home to defuse with some xmas decorating, if there's any left (we're getting the tree tonight). And I am then making my way up to my roof to drink my Cayuga White--the wine made with grapes grown at Cornell. There may or may not be a cigar involved. I would almost smoke something else if a girl was hip enough to have such connections, but oh well.

Then Sunday? My ass is going to (assuming I'm not incredibly fragile from the previous day) hit the theater ALL DAY LONG, BABY. The Spirit Award nominations have me itching to see Rachel Getting Married. (I have a secret crush on Anne Hathaway but don't really seek her out since she tends to be in CRAP.) Gonna follow that up with The Changeling and Australia, in whatever order suits the times. They're all at Grapevine Mills, so anyone (Alex?) wanting to is more than welcome to join!

Kinda want to save this one for last because I'm a little precious that way.


SkylersDad said...

I really want Australia to be good, but I just don't know if it will be.

alex said...

Good luck!! :D I'll be thinking of you on Saturday morning!

Dude, I could meet up with you for-- haha, at least summa that! Australia for sure. Hopefully Rachel. I think my ass would break down on attempting a third, so I'll be giving Clint a miss.

Also, I hear they have these profanely big pickles.

Ellen Aim said...

SkyD: It will, it will, it will. Fuck yes. Make it so.

Alex: Danke! Well hell, the showtimes work out so that it's gonna be (I think) Australia, Changeling, Rachel. So like, the opposite of what I wanted. Figures.

I hear their pickles are especially juicy and girthful.

Mob said...

Australia was pretty decent, though I'd agree with a lot of snarky online reviewers saying that the characters are pretty thinly drawn. It's like a Disney movie in which people can still occasionally die, but everything will be alright, y'know?

I was also blown away by how many elderly movie-goers were in the theater when we saw this, which makes sense when you consider the feel of the movie is somewhat reminiscent of older Hollywood films.

Veloute said...

You will rock that test :)

What's with all the pickle innuendo? I missed the scoop.

Hey, next time you visit. Shelburne has a vineyard, which I was not at all interested in, but I see they have the Cayuga variety (of course!). I haven't tried it yet, but maybe I should not be so quick to poo-poo *all* the wine made here.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: I'm looking forward to it, I think it'll be up my alley. Fuck critics. (Actually, most of the reviews I read kinda liked it in a weird way.)

Vel: You know. They're just so FAT. (And tasty.)

Ooh ok! Of course by then I may be shunning all things Cayuga... ok, probably not!

Veloute said...

But are they firm? The droopy ones are so disappointing.

Ellen Aim said...

Or the super-curvy ones. Those are just wrong.