Saturday, May 26, 2007

What do you mean I'm not brave in bed?

Best interaction with another person this week, or Why I Love People: I was at the self-check-out at the grocery store buying wine and it of course prompted me to show my ID to the clerk. I turned around to do so and she said, "Oh, you look really young from the side." I mean, seriously, there is just not a nice way to take that, what the fuck?

Tonight's quote is actually from the fifth Harry Potter book which I've been re-reading at work. Jesus I can't believe I didn't snort out loud. His cousin is making fun of him for "moaning" at night (reliving Cedric's death, all that) and I don't recall this line jumping out the way it did today. Not to mention a few paragraphs later his aunt asking the cousin if he had "his thing out." It was hysterical. She meant his wand and at this point even that sounds bad. I don't think my mind is that juvenile, really, these were just too glaring.

I really like Gene, the [newish but not really] boyfriend of Emily's. How I know this, since I spent the better part of the evening blathering away, I'm not quite sure. I think it was the part when I made him pick out a DVD to go with dinner and he chose The Last Days of Disco, not having seen it. When Emily inquired after Whit Stillman, he mentioned Metropolitan. Big, big points. And earlier he made a Sex and the City reference. Gene is ok by me.

D also gave me my big birthday present last night, which is gorgeous. It's a framed, matted and backed portrait of the photos of me with Julianne Moore, Bill Nighy and the Playbill they both signed in the middle. It is SO FUCKING COOL. It's kinda too bad I'm in it, but it's cool, too. I'll take a photo and post it here at some point, it's very sexy. Now I just need somewhere to put it that says LOOK AT ME. For the two times of year when we have company...

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