Saturday, May 05, 2007

l assume you're watching these because you're curious about sex... you know. Or filmmaking.

We saw Spiderman 3 last night.

Overall, it was better than I expected. Oodles of bad dialogue, the middle was quite odd, and the last five to ten minutes were actually kind of awful. Having said that, it was still more than entertaining. Admittedly, I snuck wine in to accompany the screening (we were at Studio Movie Grill, so it's not completely off the wall, I still ordered queso, of course) and to aid in my viewing pleasure. I think I actually recall the moment at which the movie became a tad more enjoyable...around this time it was a rather dull sentimental scene and I nearly leaned over to D to whisper that Spidey and I have the same birthday, cause you know, we do. Luckily, common sense reigned supreme and I kept my thoughts to myself.

D, a far bigger Spidey fan than I, enjoyed it very much. #2 is still his favorite but he thinks #3 may be better than #1. I have a hard time knocking the original.

As you can tell by the image, I thought Topher Grace was quite delightful. (*cough*, easy on the eyes, *cough*). Sadly, he was in it for about three minutes. People complain the stories are convoluted and that it's just too much, too complicated, etc. Ok, these are the same people who thought Mission: Impossible was difficult to follow. I admit Venom didn't get a decent amount of screen time, but I hardly found the film too complex.

I think I would watch That 70s Show just for Grace if...ugh...I don't want to write his name in know, that fuckwit moron who also stars in it...if I didn't have to watch him as well. I'd want to throw Cheetohs at the screen and my TV is too nice for that.

On the flip side from Cheetohs, remember those farm-raised clams I bought from Central Market? Hmmmph I say. The smaller ones were far tastier. These barely opened. And that evening's wine, a California Sauvignon Blanc from Rock Rabbit Winery (yes, purchased strictly for the name), also gets a hmmprh. In the interest of rating it Triana-style, that wine was a Jennifer Aniston.

Totally bland on its own, but acceptable in support. The wine had such a promising smell, all bright and peachy, then when sipped, just sort of went nowhere. So...kind of disappointing, too, not unlike Ms. Aniston. Not something to be sought out, but I'm willing to accept it. (Just as JA is quite acceptable in She's the One and in Friends With Money, one might even argue a slightly different role). And don't give me shit for knocking her, at least I found a really cute photo.

The best part of the dinner was easily the cheese. Beemster cheese with mustard seeds. Ah, heaven. There's even some left over, which is where I'm off to now.


alex said...

Oh no--knock her all you want. She is an incredibly competent comedienne who is stuck hitting the same one note over and over and over. But mostly just way too overexposed in the meritless Paris Hilton way.

(That said, I gotta add that Topher is great but he's just never going to set my ovaries on fire. ^^; )

that is an awesome label. it's the Black Rabbit! XD

Ellen Aim said...

I do tend to respect her more now that she's less overexposed.

He doesn't set them a-flame in a Clive Owen I-will-knock-you-down-to-touch-him way, it's his delivery that gets me. The delivery plus the not-too-shabby appearance, eh, it'll do. Just sayin', wouldn't kick him out of bed unless he was better on the reference room floor.

Yeah well, the black rabbit of inlay (sp) just didn't deliver...

Al said...

Topher's Grate (sic) in Traffic.

My ovaries are similarly underwhelmed though...

& in accordance with my total lack of stiffness in the cinema going department, I will be giving the latest Raimi offering a miss. I like him too, even that twoddle with Costner playing baseball.

Yawn-a-rama it's blockbuster season.

Ellen Aim said...

Well jeez, I just meant he had that dork appeal...I didn't think my saliva was going to short out the TV!

Yawn is right, I don't know of anything coming out I really care about.


Triana said...

I thought Topher did a fabulous job as Venom. I wish they had devoted more time to his character and explained more. Jeff liked the movie far more than I did, but I think it's because he knew a lot more of the back story and why things were happening the way they did. I didn't think the movie itself was hard to follow, but I do know there was a lot more going on than they were telling us and that was kinda frustrating. Three villians in one movie was kind of overkill. At least two of them really needed more screen time and explaining.

I love it that you're still labeling your wines with celebrities!

Ellen Aim said...

They did cram a bit much in, I suppose. The plot wasn't convoluted but they just spread the good stuff too thin. No one learned anything from watching the Batman series, apparently...

And that celebrity thing is fantastic; now I actually stand a chance of remembering the wine's characteristics...