Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Excuse me, would you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?

I've been very lazy, apparently.

Although today I did pull a shitload of weeds, including a ground-covering thing that's trying to win out over the jasmine.

We finally used a Pier 1 gift card we'd received at the wedding...Pier 1 is just nowhere near as cool as it used to be. We got three more citronella torches for the backyard and two ridiculously large martini-style glasses with knobby stems. I plan on making obnoxious frozen [alcoholic] beverages for Drew's visit and these glasses were calling my name.

Previous to buying them we stopped at Razzoo's for lunch, which is a chainy Cajun place. We got two appetizers for lunch: Rat Toes (jalapenos stuffed with crab and shrimp) and Gator Tail. (This is the same place Kiwi Derek and I visited a few days before the wedding when I was at my most stressed; we ordered two of the largest drinks they had (Kiwi D was, after all, in search of Texan/American super-sized staples) and this was also his very first encounter with Everclear. I felt like I was introducing someone to Drain-O.)

Then we hit Movie Trading Company to get rid of most of the rest of our VHS. I'm still clinging to Metropolitan and Jeffrey; they may finally be out on DVD but until they're in my hands I'm not selling. Otherwise they'll obviously go the route of Twin Peaks: Season One and just go out of print. D said going was probably not a good idea because we were trying to find a DVD for the trade and he assumed I would pick out stuff he may have bought me for my birthday. I tried really hard to suggest films I didn't think he would have picked but apparently I picked all the ones he did, so when we got home he just let me open all my DVDs. Hee hee. We finally own both Terminators (don't tell anyone how long this took, or that neither of us brought them to the marriage to begin with), the special edition of Parenthood, seems to have lots of extras, Groundhog Day (not seen in years but really damn cute), Men In Black (shhhhhhh), and *finally*, Re-Animator. Can you believe D, the horror movie man, has not seen Re-Animator?

Oh, and D also had to intervene as I was trying to reserve my Harry Potter the other day and presented me with a gift card for the price and a note that it has already been reserved. It's so weird how it comes out on July 21, a Saturday. I thought books usually came out on Tuesday? It will be hard to get Saturday off but that book will need some immediate attention, I'm afraid. So excited...

And right now, D is water-proofing our new picnic table. Then it needs to get assembled and voila! Beer can be consumed outside! Emily and Gene (the new boyfriend, not the ex she attended the wedding with, for those of you that were there, if you even recall) are coming up next weekend so I have to come up with something savory to grill. It will be the first time for me to meet Gene so I'm very curious.


Triana said...

Oddly all the HP books have come out on Saturdays. Not that I've preordered them all from Amazon and have sat all day Saturday tracking the book's progress to my house until it got there because I'm certainly not that lame. *cough* However this time I'll be preordering from BookPeople. Amazon has been really bad about the preordering lately.

Veloute said...

Oy, I need to pre-order this already!

Even DOUG has seen Re-Animator. (He says he went with a friend in high school and that's the only reason why).

A picnic table! That is so awesome. I envision our backyard with that, a hammock, and a playset (with swings and slide and climbing things). We have two plastic $6 chairs and a beach folding chair. Baby steps.

Ellen Aim said...
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Ellen Aim said...

Tri: Gads, you're right. I've read the past couple while "working" at my theatre running projection (which would have been a weekend). I always told myself it was ok not to really work hard that day.

Vel: See? You know the picnic table fantasy. Score. Got a couple citronella lanterns, all is good. I'm aiming for a strand-alone hammock on the far side of the yard where there's going to be some day...yup, baby steps.