Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gunga Din is not a swatch kind of movie.

Feeling very lucky today...I called the home warranty people to schedule an electrician yesterday with the understanding they'd call back before the end of the day today. I'm off today and D is off all weekend (but do these people come out on the weekend? Plus he'll be doing family things...more on that in a moment), and we were hoping to maybe pop out to Chicago next week for two days to see Emily and Gene (the former is one of my best friends, seen as Emily the Strange, the maid of honor, at my wedding). The electrician calls this morning and says he can be out around 4:30pm! He must be a bad electrician, these services never come out the same day...

One of the sockets in the kitchen *and* the master bedroom are now completely shot. And maybe the garage light can finally get fixed. (The previous electrician greased his way out of that one, saying it wasn't his area). Will be so nice to cook by overhead light instead of the fish lamp.

As I was blathering on about yesterday, finally finished this one. Not sure if I should recommend it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything special or great. Pretty straightforward stuff and if you've seen the preview you know the major points. What I really did like, though, was that regardless of having seen the preview, it still had a lot to offer. It had a fantastic pace; there's nothing slow about it. It gets a move on and the unhappy couple is surrounded by cholera in China before you blink. If you think you'd like it, you probably would. If romantic dramas make you roll your eyes and want to stab yourself then yes, you probably don't need to see it. Naomi Watts was decent, though Edward Norton was superb as always. The characters and the tensions were interesting to watch but damn. This movie was just beautifully shot. Gorgeous. (Nor was the scenery one to be outdone).

Arriving in the mail today should be the double-feature of Night/Curse of the Demon; the original is British, the other is the edited American version. Might just watch the British one, we'll see. And also Fur.

Uh, I don't think this is supposed to be very good. I'm a bit of a Nicole whore, and this didn't use to mean I was in for hit-or-miss. She used to be in some good stuff or at least offer a compelling performance worth my time. She's been slumming it recently, however, and I'm patiently waiting...

But mostly today I get to put laundry away and tidy the house. D's brother is coming in this weekend because years and years ago (D does not recall a bit of this, but he's going with it) their mother said that one year all she wanted for Mother's Day was to be taken to church by her two boys. Ok, so we're already off in a land completely foreign to me. In my family, not only do we not go to church (oops, I almost capitalized that), we don't celebrate Mother's Day. I was raised with the idea that commercial holidays are shit (except the fun ones like Christmas and Halloween of course, sheesh, and that does not include Valentine's Day because that is the worst of all). So we celebrate days like Michaelmas, on September 29th, which is really a festival/harvest day in England (I think), but mostly it was an excuse to get a present. So, yes, different families.

So my brother-in-law will be staying with us Friday night (and then staying with their parents the next night, so I only have to watch myself for one night, yeah!); he gets in around the same time I get off work, so I think we'll be eating out. He is quite a nice person, but "dry" is putting it mildly. He's a little bit like their mother in that I'm afraid to mention taboo topics (and this includes politics, books, oh, a lot of things, really), but then one of them will make a vaguely off-color joke just to throw me off base! I will never venture into the gray area, myself, as with my luck I would pick a completely inappropriate topic.

And I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I tolerate it most days but every once in a while it gets to me. That's it, off to seek aid in the form of wine now!


Veloute said...

I have to say I've completely embraced Mother and Father's Day. Well, at least here. It's just nice to get cute little notes from your kids and breakfast in bed and flowers. Oh, and maybe a bath! Or time on the computer for the husband. Really, mother's day happens quite often around here.

I will add Painted Veil to my queue as I am a sucker for the romantic drama that is heavy on beautiful scenery.

Some month I'm going to go all out with the horror movies, you guys will have to steer me in the right direction.

Ellen Aim said...

Ok, in that sense yes. When they're little, I think I'd be a fan as well.

I think you would like PV, no doubt. I was basically talking to you, now that I think about it!

I will come out with a by-the-decade horror list so you can pick and choose according to your mood!