Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroin. Peppermint-flavored heroin.

Man, the weirdest thing just happened. I went out to run errands and threw on Vel's old B-52s Cosmic Thing concert shirt from 1990. (Don't worry, I saw them for myself a mere 14 years later). I was in the grocery store just picking up some dinner and Love Shack came on. Now, neither the odds of being in the grocery store nor of hearing Love Shack are really all that low. I mean seriously, if you made up a list of the top five most-played-out songs of all time, Love Shack would be on there. I'm not saying I don't like it but I could quite possibly go my whole life without ever hearing it again and not miss it.

And yet somehow, standing there in the grocery store, I still felt like one of those geeks who wears the band's own shirt to the concert. Or maybe it was because I was in a very unsocial (but good) mood and the fear that someone would make a joke to me rose ferociously. Then again, the Kroger in South Arlington doesn't strike me as the B-52s demographic. It's not that I was the only white person in there, but I was the only white person under 30. Oh my god, I just realized I need to milk the shit out of the phrase while I still can.

And you know what sucks balls? I was looking at the band's website just now and they are totally playing Dallas exactly on my birthday. How cool is that? Well actually, it's not cool at all because it's at the new House of Blues (didn't even know they built one here, obviously I'm a hip, hip lady) and the tickets are $67.50. I could not make this up. AND it's Ticketmaster, so tack on another $13 each or so. I have a feeling you're paying for the venue rather than the band but who the fuck are they kidding?? If I'm not shelling out for Erasure, I'm sure as shit not shelling out nearly $100 for The B-52s, sorry guys.


CinemaslaveJoe said...

I remember paying $14 to see INXS back in '88, and thinking that was excessive. My, how things have changed. I can't hang with live music anymore, unless it's in a small coffeehouse or a similar environment. Crowds piss me off.


Ellen Aim said...

I'm pretty much with you, can't stand people, let alone crowds. Every once in a while I forget and venture out. And then I remember.

Mostly I hate tall people (being 5'1") during the show and then I hate *everyone* as soon as they get in their cars.

Thinking about SXSW for next year, which on the bright side won't really involve cars. On the other, very bad side, it certainly does involve people.

Veloute said...

Wow, I am so 2 inches taller than you. Excellent. For some reason, I thought you were taller. Probably my less than perfect posture.

You still have that shirt? That is so cool. In my day, I didn't pay 67.50 christing dollars for a B-52s ticket (!). I don't know what it was, but I could afford it on my Long John Silver's paycheck. In my day, you could also see someone get stabbed at the nearby gas station. Oh yeah, good times (you just knew I had to work that in again, right?)

Love Shack is nice and all that, but it's just not even one of my favorites, either.

Ellen Aim said...

Even I know you're 2 inches taller, jeez. Tiniest one in the family.

Also still have the 1988 Violator shirt, best shirt of all time.

Was the stabbing at the Cosmic Thing show?? (Or rather, near it?) Jesus I feel old. I knew it was B-52s but I thought somehow it was another show...not that they had more than ONE ALBUM after that...

MacGuffin said...

I really really hate crowds, to the point I won't hardly go to the movies anymore. It's not just one annoying rude ass person, it's several! I get so fucking moffed off!

Ellen Aim said...

People's suckage factor is so much more apparent in a theatre since being relatively SILENT is so important.

And seriously, "moffed off," you're right. It just presents a weird assonance problem. In their example they say "moffed up," but if I said this, the room would get dead silent and I would get a ton of stares.