Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's a metaphor for life, Leo. It's famous. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

Balls. What the hell was up with that two-parter on Disc 2 of Dr. Who. Positively embarrassing. The last episode, Dalek was soooooo much better. Thank god, would have been a struggle to rent the next disc...

I got the stupidest sprinkler from Home Depot tonight. I wish I could explain it but I can't even figure it out. That piece of shit is so on its way back.

And then I even stopped next door at The Unspeakable Pit of Hell because I heard they stock Wasabi Funyuns. They don't. At least not that location. Shudder. I left immediately. So dirty. *shudders some more, pretends it didn't happen*

I got my new shift at the cookie factory...we alternate shifts throughout the year and it's sort of the arrangement where the newest kittens get screwed. Having been there for a mousefart longer than others, I got a not-so-shabby shift this time...instead of going in at 11 (which might be ok if I had the discipline to get up in the early AM and get shit done...) I now go in at 730am in the christing morning. Since I have hardcore Fort Worth traffic (which I'm learning is strangely scarier than Dallas traffic), this is good, it just may miss it. And now my days off are Thurs/Fri, which is a wee fuckload better than the Tues/Wed it was. Ouch.

D is closing all this week and most of next which is frustrating. How the hell are we supposed to watch Pan's Labyrinth when he's working late? And *tons* of gratitude over to Mob for the forewarning on the mega-Heroes-marathon. I think I actually heard TiVo whimper as I programmed it. We just cleared out a fair shitload of the Desperate Housewives and now we're loading it up again big time. Saw the first few 'sodes of Heroes back when it first aired but I was negative and well, just kinda meh on it. Tried to focus on the Studio 60 and well, we all know what happened to that show...

Eh, not that sad to see it go, hasn't been on in ages anyway. I blame Harriet Hayes, the most irritating bitch of all time. Possibly more irritating than Teri Hatcher, whom I just loathe. (I think I've mentioned before--I don't even know if it's her DH character or just her. Ok, it's her character but it's her FACE, too. I just want to smush her troll-like face as if it were Play-Doh, except it looks like someone already has). Harriet...well, I just can't follow the worship factor they so desperately try to lather her up with. No bitch that annoying is worth it, and she's reeeeeeally annoying. Seriously, if you gave me a gun and one bullet, I'd totally have to have a sit down and really think about it.


Mob said...


Holy God, we started watching the first episodes tonight, slightly behind them airing, so we were still able to breeze through commercials, and we ended up being up until 2:00 AM, it's quite addictive.

I'm so happy to be able to get caught up on this before they start doing the proposed shitload of spin-off shows.

Veloute said...

Okay, NOW I understand about that weird ass two parter on Dr. Who. What the hell? It was very UN-Dr Who-esque. It was just bizarre. Thank goodness for the Dalek.

Do they really make wasabi funyuns? Yum! I'd go to Hell for that. Metaphorically, you understand.

Teri Hatcher, definitely in my top 5 Most Annoying People. I think it *might* just be her character. One can hope.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I wanted to be a fan of "Studio 60", but after half a dozen episodes, it was just The West Wing set on a comedy show, as opposed to a drama set on a comedy show, and I was like, "Meh."

I wish it had been more like "Sports Night."


So, is that Dalek in love with the whatchamakitty it? I love inter-show love.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: It's so much easier to get addicted if I can just sit down and run through em all. This once a week shit's for the birds.

Vel: oh YES they make Wasabi Funyuns. In Japan. then someone said shah, those are so over here. Show me, bitch.

I hear the Dr Who gets awesome after the first episode on the third disc.

M'Snay: Hi there. I tried so hard to like that show even though it MADE me not like it. Yeah, SN had a real charm to it...this was just...forced. And went nowhere. And I couldn't give one donkey testicle about dumb bitch and Matthew Perry's relationship. She needed a mushroom tattoo...bad.

Only a giant cat could tame a Dalek...