Thursday, February 22, 2007

That's not a name, that's a major appliance!!

Woo hoo, it's...oh...Thursday. Damn. Oh well.

I'm so glad we've got our priorities straight in this country. At this moment, has a banner across the top reading, Breaking News: A U.S. soldier has been sentenced to 100 years in prison after pleading guilty to raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing three members of her family, The Associated Press reports. And it's all encompassed in fuck-me RED. But right under that, the HEADLINE for the site, with the nice BIG PHOTOGRAPH, is still: Smith's daughter gets body, mom appealing decision.

Cause God forbid we're not up-to-date on that.

I guess CNN isn't all to blame, but that's another post altogether.

So I made a perfect score on the second test. The third is still to come, and unlike the first two Q&A style exams, the third is practical. I will SO be the one who forgets to save her accounts, update changes, etc. and bomb massively. Embarrassing wouldn't even cut it.

I'm less than impressed with the gay man I befriended, as he's already managed to stir up more drama than even a good queen should. And his holier than thou attitude towards the rest of the class, however subtle he may strive for, I find offputting. I actually find myself in the company of three to four women more and more, which is quite odd as I seldom if ever find myself in the company of women whom I like. My old co-worker Donna at the lab was an exception, as is Mob's wife K whom I have never really gotten to speak with for more than bits at a time but has a marvelous wit and mouth. I'm keen to see her more. Anyhoo, these three girls (the fourth I'm waiting to spend a little more time with before the jury's all in, but her adoration for Stephen Colbert (and I was not the one to bring it up!) gives her a huge bonus) also have very odd names I wish I could mention here, but would only be incriminating at a later date, I'm sure.

Most of these women are around 40 (one is maybe 25, so hell, even younger than I) and two are very happy to be childless, which I find to be good company since the very few friends I have do have children and therefore make it quite hard to spend time with. (At least their kids are cute).

Making creamy spinach pasta for dinner and attempting truffles once again. Nixing the tempering this time because

A) I don't care

B) rolling them in stuff is fun. I even got pink sprinkles.

And on a REALLY depressing note for any Dentonites, the Tomato on Fry Street is closing. Evicted. Soon to be gone.

I realize this is not the most happenin' photo, but it was all I could find.

When we closed the photolab and people were coming in and getting all teary I thought, fuck man, I work here and I'm not that sorry to see the place go. I realize we were there for 30 years and I was only there for 4 of those, but still. It's a PHOTO LAB. It's not like people got drunk and had hot dates in us. (That I know of). Or went to college and ate at us every night. I remember thinking I couldn't imagine a single place for which I WOULD cry if it closed. And I won't cry for the Tomato, but of all the things that could close and be the most depressing for me, this just might be it. Mostly because it's a Fry Street icon, I grew up with it always there, I spent many lunches and class group meetings there (though I've only consumed beer there a few times, as I obtained my goddamn BA before my goddamn drinking age--and I LOOKED 12, so I didn't bother trying...I did college all wrong!)...and they really do have the most amazing pizza. YUMMMMMM.

(She's wearing a Smiths shirt, it would seem, so it's a fairly accurate depiction of an evening my mind, anyhoo).

And I ADORE the years of years of years of graffiti carved into every hint of an inch of wooded walls, tables and chairs. You simply could not cram more personality into one place. I'm taking my camera this weekend, by god. And I still call it The Flying Tomato, name changes be damned.

I just hope it's still there Saturday. Sniff.

I knew it had been, but sadly, this makes it real. Fry Street has officially been fucked and ruined.


Triana said...


Well I knew it was coming some day, and true it's not like I get to go there any more. But there was just some comfort in knowing it was *there*. That maybe by some chance we would all be in Denton some weekend and we could say "Hey...I know, let's go to the Tomato!!" Smoke filled, new carpet-needin', new-everything-needin'-cause-it's-filthy Flying Tomato! But I love it. Way too many good memories there. Ok, I might have to write about it too.

mark rutledge said...

the FT is going...the end of an era.

Julie_Gong said...

what is that girl at the top of the page doing? why the bib and the odd looking pitcher? any ideas?

Veloute said...

That was sad to read about the Tomato. Great pizza. Filthy restaurant. I should have made a last visit back in October. Damn!

Ellen Aim said...

Tri: I know! It's such a filthy shithole, but that was its CHARM, man! Sometimes artery-busting pizza and questionable beer in a pitcher is highly desired and when it was, I went to the Tomato!

M: Gasp! You're alive!

Julie G: I decided she was either downing a carafe of wine...or of olive oil. It's anyone's guess. I assumed wine, so I chose it to celebrate the end of my week. But then it really started to look like olive oil. And then I just had to leave it. The bib...your guess is as good as mine. The sorts of seafood places that bib you up don't usually have snazzy-ass wine decanters. Nice'n'classy, no matter what.

Vel: I'll take pics for ya. It's probably best remembered in vague shades of rosey nostalgia...