Saturday, February 17, 2007

Listen up, urinal cake...

Wow, my posts have never been so dull! It's just that work is eating my brain alive. Plus I've been having to get up at 5:45 and then I get home around 6...I haven't actually cooked anything in days...I'm not really sure what we've been eating. Oh wait, I made D cook the other night. It was Thursday night but I couldn't make it to Friday, I needed red wine, little filet steaks and a little Colbert Report marathon since my lame ass hadn't watched all week. Bless the TiVo. There was even a really hysterical Chinese New Year episode and I admit I was going to link to You Tube and kinda let the post be one of those elementary school movie-day posts, but not a single damn person has illegally linked the show's content on You Tube. What IS the world coming to.

Watched Fuck this morning, the documentary about well, guess. I was unimpressed but I'll write it up on BSL. (Interesting side note: the above clip plays during the documentary and was filmed at (so I'm told by my old co-workers) my old Texas Education Agency TV studio in Austin (he would have been governor at the time). I knew about the footage but it only came out a couple years ago!)

We also watched Half Nelson last night. Or uh, most of it. We finally just jumped to the last chapter. I mean, Ryan Gosling does a great job, whee, but you know? It's another drug movie. I hate to say that because yes yes, everything's already been done, I get it. But seriously. Drug movies may really be done. Done. It was Dangerous Minds but only if Michelle Pfieffer kept burning her lip on her crack pipe. I just didn't care. Which is not Ryan Gosling's fault, I'm sure it was an Oscar-worthy performance. Well, Oscar nominee anyhow. And I still watched it and still have not seen The Last King of Scotland, which we all know is going to be the Best Actor win. Two things, though. #1: I think LKOS is going to be way mediocre. #2: I don't really like Forest Whitaker. There, I said it. I just don't. I don't DISLIKE him, I'm just....meh.

And I remember when I would watch a movie from start to finish no matter what, especially if it was up for the big award (it's part of the little dork game I play with myself), but apparently when you get older you just know sometimes. (Well, not always. Not only does D still watch nearly EVERY horror movie he can get his hands on, REGARDLESS, but even I sometimes naively hope a piece of shit will pick up midway and really pull it off. See: The Oh in Ohio). And I think we watched a couple Aqua Teen Hunger Force 'sodes instead, time far better spent if you ask me. Frylock decorated Meatwad's cat-toy brain with macaroni and glitter to make him think it was a new brain and Meatwad started growing to an enormous size, filled with knowledge. Way more entertaining than a drug movie.

Someone's making waaaaaaaaaaffles! The noon hour looks to be filled with peanut butter waffles and Marie Antoinette. More on this as it develops.

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