Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blow me. Not literally, though, unfortunately there's no promotion involved.

Almost time to sit down for the goofy Oscars. We saw The Departed today and I really liked it. It surprised me several times and the whole movie was wonderfully suspenseful. I loved the twists and pace and that it didn't pander to the slowest in the crowd. Scorsese may have it in the bag but I'd like to see the film win as well. I have to admit I did not get to see Iwo Jima, but I also have a feeling The Departed is a bit more my cup of tea than another war movie. I'm not passing judgment--I plan to watch it and I may even love it. But I'm less than eager to watch another war movie at the moment.

And Mark Wahlberg had all the best lines. But really, everyone was so good. Matt Damon does such a good weasel.

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