Thursday, February 08, 2007

Look at this sad gentleman here.

I'm hoping a pretty picture will distract you from the total lack of content in today's post.

Another stunning day at working, training. It really is a fuckload of information. It's all a-jumble in my little head.

Unlike the previous part of the week, it's now REALLY fucking cold. Because naturally, the weekend is nearly here.

One more day one more day. My brain needs a rest. I'm looking forward to mulling over all my notes at the Saucer...warm, fat pretzel and Leinenkugel...yum! I have to go to the one in Addison, though. The one in Fort Worth has way lamer pretzels. *smacks lips*

Uh, that's my titillating day. Well, there was that moment when class was interrupted when they found Anna Nicole Smith's body, but I have a hard time pretending to uh, really care. I'm a horrible person, I know. It would be better if I just didn't write about it.

And Vel, my hollandaise sauce recipe (James Peterson, Fine Cooking) only called for 2 tsp lemon juice. I thought that was weak and it was. I will add more next time and definitely some cayenne. It was good and all, but it was basically know...creamy butter. I think I may just be a bearnaise girl, but I can do better with my hollandaise...

Sorry, it's cold in here. Time for some spa action. Haven't spent any time with Steve all week.

And how about some Deeply Wrong to end the post today?

Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable? The hell? Was Harry doing crunches between Defense Against the Dark Arts meetings? Equus...nice choice, Daniel. Few things could be further from Harry Potter, so I have to applaud the, uh, bold move.

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Veloute said...

I feel like laughing...nervously. Like I have seen something I shouldn't have.

What was the rest of the post? Right. Um, more lemon juice. I like it to taste lemony with a hint of a kick.