Friday, February 23, 2007

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

(yes, let's all note the 'family car' website, wtf?) Yes, I like to strap my two-year-old to the hood.

Whoa. So the highlight of today, easily, was the two-hour lunch, much of which was spent in a red convertible belonging to a girl named Mickey. No, it did not look like the one above, but I got distracted playing online looking for one to buy. That one's around $40,000, so I don't think it'll be mine anytime soon. And I was JUST starting to let that convertible fantasy go...and it also occurred to me that despite my years of coveting convertibles (how fun to even say), I have never actually ridden in one, with the top down no less!

Mickey is girl #4 from the previous post who I was hoping to get to know a little better. Mickey is 40 and she looks 22. I know people bullshit and say you look young for your age, but I forget she's 40. She's had TWO children and is on her second marriage (the first husband cheated, she's been with her second husband a while and is very happy), though the second marriage has a troubled stepchild. My point is, she has barely a wrinkle. She just says she drinks water constantly (which also helps balance out the amount of alcohol she also readily consumes). All I know is, there must be something to that water thing. I have never seen anyone look that good for their age, it's shocking. Especially for the not-so-easiest of lives. And she's from New Jersey but has the best accent. Subtle but occasionally pronounced. Love it.

I wasn't even going to go out for lunch, but our head trainer really tried to push us to enjoy our last hour lunch and go out. I told Mickey I'd brought my lunch, but as she so aptly put it, "So what?" So nearly the entire class went out to a really cool place near the airport that's almost all deck (and it was cloudly [Editor's note: Cloudly? The fuck is cloudly?] and nice outside). However, they had been robbed overnight and weren't opening just yet. Whoops. So we ran into very bad traffic and everyone ended up having to eat at Bennigan's, served by Mr. Personality himself who, when questioned by some of the more gregarious people in the class as to why he didn't look all that happy, replied, "I will be when you leave." (!) The story was relayed to our head trainer upon returning from lunch who took it upon herself to call the restaurant and verbally fist them for having such a shit server.

The best part was having the assistant trainer with us, so when lunch ended up taking two hours, well...meh! Surprisingly, the head trainer found out just how long lunch was and thought it was funny. I'm delighted, since there's no way in hell we'd ever get away with that during our regular shifts...

But oh, the joy of the convertible! It was everything I hoped it could be and more. But it did occur to me that if anything happened that would so be the end. And I know both parents read this with utter joy. Don't worry, Mickey and her husband also own motorcycles (!), and I won't ever go down that route. Not my cup of tea. I can happily lie to myself in a convertible. On a motorcycle? There's just no getting around that one. I'd wee myself.

Ok, enough typing. One long week gone, a weekend of wine, Oscars and Flying Tomato coming right up!

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