Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow, that dinner smells good. Let me guess... meat?

So apparently I spent the better part of lunch yesterday near the company of Emeril Lagasse. Woot.

As per usual, I am just that oblivious. Though to be fair, I'm not sure I could say for sure what the man looks like. I know I recognize him in context, i.e., cooking shows on TV, but on the street? Or even at a lunch spot doing interviews and having his film people shoot people eating? Apparently not even then, as it turns out.

After all the shenanigans were over (I just assumed it was a slow day with the local news, to be honest), some guy from the bar wandered over to my table.

Weird Random Dude: "Let me guess, you must be a LAW STUDENT."

Me: *beat*, *looks at heavily highlighted casebook in front of me* "What gave it away?"

WRD: "Well, you just look really sophisticated and you're drinking wine..."

M: "Really? Most of the law students I know drink the cheapest beer they can get their hands on!"

WRD: *indistinct mumblings* ... " how is that, I'm sitting there and there's Emeril!"

M: *totally lost* "?"

WRD: "That was Emeril just now!"

M: "Oh! Really? Neat."

WRD: "Emeril Lagasse, you know?"

M: *shrugs* "I'm more of a Bourdain fan myself."

WRD: *mumbles, wanders off*

This might be why I suck at networking, come to think of it.

Anyway. Emeril. Neat. Good for him. I actually don't mock him as much as I used to, he may not be the total celeb-whore I used to imagine him as. My friend L said the exact same thing--she ate at his restaurant in Vegas and says she just can't mock him anymore--the food was beyond nom.

We had another foot of snow last night, more in the vein I expect from Boston--blistery late night winds that pile the snow onto the balcony and dump at least a foot. Usually just unearthing the car from the snow is enough, but I think at this point we'd have to shovel the snow out from behind the car, too.

And in the interests of knocking out the last few Oscar noms I need, I will be trying to catch a late-night 127 Hours at the Landmark here in town. I have been here nearly 2 years and have yet to track down the Landmark. Long story with my love/hate for Landmark, you probably know the story, but in any case, I just hope I can find the theater!

Tomorrow night it's a double date with L and her bf A for a nice upbeat show of Rabbit Hole, aka Nicole Gets Her Awesomeness Back on Track.

Un-Oscar-related, I am mad curious to check out Somewhere, the new Sophia Coppola. I adore SC, and my film critic friend in Austin adores her even more--and HE was disappointed. So I'm going in with lesser expectations. :( But I still wish I could smuggle in a batch of homemade truffles and red wine. Her films tend to be quite slow, arty (in a good way!) and I would just love to savor the whole thing properly.

Anyway, that's at the Landmark, too, as is Mike Leigh's Another Year, which I've heard great praise for. I may be popping over there a bit in the next few weeks, let's hope I can find it!

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