Thursday, January 20, 2011



I have been waiting to see when Katy Perry's going on tour because I really enjoyed her second album (more than her first, actually), and the woman can put on a show.

I saw her back in Dallas in the cheap seats and it was quite fun. I really wanted to get better seats for her upcoming show, not by breaking the bank but just by snatching up tickets in a more timely fashion.

But it totally doesn't matter anyway. That cow is going to be touring in Europe until just about the time I fly over there, at which point she starts her North American tour. Dammit. She's playing Boston June 18th, and wraps up in July. Whatever, money saved, I guess... *grumpyface*

I just think it's worth it for the fun artists who rock out with the Over-The-Topness.

Though to be fair, I think the queen of that may indeed be Lady Gaga...

...and however much I would love to see her in March, I have a feeling ponying up for the cheap seats would even break the bank! Perhaps in a future wherein I am actually gainfully employed, it might happen.

Oh well. Katy Perry song, no images, for no real reason. :D

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