Saturday, January 22, 2011

I swore on a stack of black-eyed peas and candied yams, it's messy but binding.

What the fuck was that? If The Fighter gets a Best Picture nod, then it's obvious that nominating ten movies is a totally worthless exercise. Because I guaran-fucking-tee you there were ten better movies in 2010.

I even got to have a couple cosmos before, I was in a good mood, expecting a good movie--nothing amazing--but I had constantly heard that even if you don't like boxing movies (I'm neutral), this is a great movie. OH MY. The pacing, the structure, the point...the story, guh, all of it. Fuck. BORED.

To be fair, there were sequences that were really well done. There was some great tension set up in certain sequences, but they were not enough...not even close. And the only thing I would nominate for could possibly be acting.

These three people were really great. Now, I love Amy Adams, I do, but I'm not sure her character really says AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCE. It's not her fault, I just think the story screwed up by not showing any sort of progression or changes, she was just suddenly with him (Mark Wahlberg) all the time. And Wahlberg was really good, as always (but I'd give him an award for The Departed over this POS, if were just looking at him as an actor). Christian Bale is the clear This Is So Getting An Oscar Nomination role, and man does he look like a crack fiend.

And sure, whatever, he did really well by the role, but I was just so unimpressed by the movie overall I don't think I can even really get behind any actor nominations, either. We'll see come nomination time, but this one was a major yawn for me.

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