Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, you don't know my cat, it's very demanding.

Oh, and instead of starting my tax law reading, I was poking around on youtube because everyone around me was (of course) recording at the Sarah McLachlan show I went here is a clip! This was my show, my view...hell, the guy in front of me could have been the one to record it.

They did two Q & As where the audience got to write down questions before the show or at intermission, which was fun. (Except for dumb ones, like "What's the most important thing in the world to you?" I think I'd freak out if she didn't say her two daughters...) The sound quality gets dodgy towards the middle of Fallen, but whatcha gonna gets better. And after Fallen is Out of Tune, a new one.

And fuck it, if you're bored, three more songs...(it's fun to see the in-between bits, the introductions to the songs). This is Answer, I Will Remember You and one of my favorites, U Want Me 2 (even though it kills me to type the title). Same person recording...I don't think s/he recorded the whole show...

And I still totally covet that shirt.

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