Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kat, such a good girl. Where did we go wrong with her sister Daisy?

Look, apparently Project Runway isn't going to be airing ANY TIME SOON, probably not til fall? WHAT. THE. FUCK. I need some weekly drama (that's "drama" with a short "a")...apparently something even more shameful than Gossip Girl or Glee (in fairness, I would not watch Glee anymore but D adores it, so I just watch for shits; it finally crossed the line of just being too...I don't know, too gross, too self-aware, too embarrassing).

But don't put any weight into what I consider shit, because I just watched the American Idol premiere. I blame my friend L--she got me watching last season for the Cape Cod girl, then the programming instruction was still on the Tivo, meaning it taped on its I watched.

There's a girl from Richardson, TX, and she's cute, so I got my eye on her. ;)

I've never started watching it from the beginning--they got 51 people from the NJ area, 37 from New Orleans, and then they're going to Milwaukee next? Um. That's a lot of people. And this show is a lot like Project Runway in the sense that people are not always chosen for their amazing singing voice, they consider other factors, whatever bullshit things those may be.

I know because Kat Edmonson was on way back, years ago, and was eliminated from the top 48. So, pretty early on.

And the voice on that girl (Kat) is ridiculous; she's fucking adorable, radiant and stunning. So clearly, they just get shit wrong constantly. Real wrong.

(She starts singing at 1:50, if you care...and even before I looked at the text I knew this was The Elephant Room, *LE SIGH*!) I don't think this song really showcases her as well as some of her other tracks (I really love Just One of Those Things, but youtube had no offerings...) Anyway, this lady makes me frickin' swoon, I just love getting to see her sing live.

So anyway, I'm totally ashamed I watch something as wrong and shameless as American Idol, but there it is. I already have my favorite though, my Richardson Girl. Apparently her name is Sarah Sellers, so she also has my fake Coffee/Pizza Name going for her.

I only saw her sing for like, 20 seconds on the show, so I'm just fickle I guess.

So there it is. I am owning my shame. Whatever gets me through the semester.

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