Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We've had nine classes together since kindergarten... ten if you count Religion of Other Cultures, which you didn't and called it science fiction.

Easy A was surprisingly cute! I mean, it was no Clueless and it wasn't even Saved!, but it was so much better than I thought it would be. Definitely what I needed.

I wish the Jesus freaks had been a little more believable...there was something really accurate and bitter about Mandy Moore's performance in Saved! that I just loved. This was more like watching someone do a Jesus freak who'd never actually interacted with one. And I guess it's nice that that could even be possible?

Anyway, the only reason the film was really worth watching was definitely Emma Stone. I understand the Golden Globe nod. When you are the reason the movie is watchable and in fact you lift it up above the mediocrity it would other be condemned to, you're probably pretty awesome.

Great comedic timing and she's pretty damn cute, too. Again, I'm not saying this was a great movie or anything, but considering I went in with super-low expectations, I was very pleasantly surprised. Guilty pleasure WIN.

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