Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes. Yes. I'm George, George McFly. I'm your density. I mean... your destiny.

It's a slightly different one. And again, serves no purpose here whatsoever except to make my day nicer.

What a day. I am both cheating on my diet (or about to, but I've already made up my mind) and not looking at my LSAT prep book. It's just sitting there on the seat next to me, under my bag. And you know, it's probably going to stay there. It has been kind of an off day for me and I was basically just ruining a perfectly good practice test by vomiting stupidity all over it.

So I'm drinking wine and reading my blogroll instead. LOVED Dooce's post today. I snorted at one point.

I'm cheating by eating pizza, by the way. But since I can justify nearly anything under the sun, I will say that cheating once a week is not a big deal. See? Easy and now I feel most excellent. Bad, unforgivable cheating would be if I got dessert, too, as they have this oh-so-wicked chocolate peanut butter cup number--I mean, it takes up the whole goddamn plate--that is so good I almost growl while I'm sharing it with my significant other when his spoon gets too close to mine.

My life revolves around bread, how the fuck will I ever keep this up?!!? *Trudges on.*

The weather is still gorgeous and cool. It kinda sucks because it has both a soporific and depressing effect if you let it, but I also really love it. Conflicted!

Ok, my husband just joined me so I should pay attention to him now!


Veloute said...

If you want people to actually read your posts, you should stop with the pretty.

Hot damn.

Oh, but that doesn't mean I want you to stop.

Ellen Aim said...

lol! I know, I've had it up all during dinner. But I'm listening to you, honey, REALLY....

Veloute said...

What? I'm just here for the...

Oh, who am I kidding. I know you don't have a new post up yet.

Ellen Aim said...

lol. and even when I do post again, I'm just going to scroll down anyway...

Triana said...

"Internet, I chased sheep and slapped their asses." - Dooce

Best line EVER.

Dooce hurts me.

And diets are meant to be cheated on.

Ellen Aim said...

I was quite fond of:

"Is that not totally heartbreaking, though? That Coco is so interested in the well-being of someone who, if gifted with only a slightly more advanced vocabulary, would tell her to fucking suck it." --Dooce

And cheating is fun, making the pizza EVEN MORE SUCCULENT.