Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooooh...a bitter and unprovoked attack...I like it.

I can't recall the last time I was this jealous!!

So if you recall, Mob & K were in town this week, and they went to JR's with Morris...well, guess who was ALSO at JR's and who they totally got to fucking meet!!!!! I am salivating with intense envy and tears. You can read about their adventures here.

Really, it's best for all concerned that I was NOT there. I mean, I try to respect people and their privacy, and I hate meeting "famous" people because what the fuck do *I* have to say they haven't heard before? But in this case? Especially considering that had I been at JR's, well, I probably would have been consuming alcohol. And then Morris comes back from the bar to say, hey, Andy Bell is at the bar? I would have simultaneously shat and drooled and then my friends would have left me and I would have had to walk home.

So really, it's all for the best.

The fact that I kept my shit together when meeting Julianne Moore and Parker Posey is something of which I am quite proud, but the whole Andy Bell thing taps into those angsty teenage years when everyone else was listening to bullshit grunge and I was tuning into my inner fag hag and knowing no one (aside from my sisters) who liked good music. So it's a tender spot, that's all I'm sayin'. One best not addressed in public nor with alcohol.

But still. Hella jealous.

Otherwise, had much fun this weekend with Alex, hanging out in Dallas eating Tex-Mex, watching Tell No One at the Angelika (that will be another post in which I mention how mature I am for being able to re-visit that hellhole with zero, or very little, animosity) and sleeping very soundly at the Fairmont Hotel (very nice hotel, but the room was positively littered with upselling--want a SNICKERS? want an EVIAN?? MINIBAR!! $15 for WIFI! Suck my balls, Fairmont). We spent way too much on room service and fell asleep watching Dr. Who (yummy Christopher Eccleston Dr. Who), good times.

Speaking of shamelessness and hotties, for no good reason other than he sounds like Christopher Eccleston, here is the link to Brian Cox and his discussion of the world's biggest supercollider. Had I been lectured by someone like this years ago, well fuck. That could have nearly been a career change. Yum.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm in the middle of Trainspotting, which I have not seen in about five years (due to far too many viewings in the first place), and he just entered the "worst toilet in Scotland."


Veloute said...

Andy Bell, OMG.

Mmm...Christopher Eccleston...mmmmm.

Loved the vid re: the LHC collider.

Ellen Aim said...

That was a lot of tastiness in one post, in retrospect...