Monday, September 01, 2008

Well, I guess when I'm your age, I'll forget what I eat, too.

Movie Trading Company had their little buy-3-get-1-free sale this past week, resulting in the happy purchase of No Country For Old Men, The Sure Thing, Speed and Tremors.

What a classic! Still cracks me up, love it. But so far, only previewed The Sure Thing, and oh boy, it has been more than a few years. Still very cute and enjoyable. It's funny--the one 80s John Cusack movie I never saw was Better Off Dead, and though D and our roommate Rob insisted it was hysterical, I wanted to brain myself rather than finish that movie. It was so not funny. It was painful. And on the flip side, D has never seen The Sure Thing. So I'm curious if he'll feel the same way--like without nostalgia, it just won't have anything going for it.

But I quite like Daphne Zuniga in it...

plus it has a ton of young now-famous people (it even totes the credit "And Introducing Nicolette Sheridan"), like Anthony Edwards with all his hair!

And while we're trotting out shameful 80s movies, I also ran across The Secret of My Success on cable, which I had not seen in eons....and you know what? It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I recalled; I think I was more embarrassed by it at the age of ten than I am now.

Ok, except that scene. And though I didn't see the ending this time, if memory serves I think that may have been kinda painful, too. But really, it actually had some cute moments. I mean, it could never have been more unrealistic, and there was this bitchin' 80s-music makeout scene, but it was kinda fun. And talk about good actresses just not seeming to get enough work these days...

(I actually really like her, I just couldn't resist that picture). And in all fairness, Helen Slater does seem to be getting plenty of TV work (not unlike Ms. Zuniga, so it seems).

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