Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My log has something to tell you.

Goodness, I was SO productive today. I did not study any of my LSAT stuff (today can be my day off from it, I suppose), nor did I send off feelers for my letters of recommendation (though in fairness I kinda want to get my transcripts first because for the life of me, I have no idea what my final GPA was) and instead of emailing my lawyer friend questions about getting into law school, he and I emailed about how BSG 4 is now available for download from iTunes. Where would I be without him? (Seriously, I JUST checked iTunes for it the other day and NOTHING, so what a lifesaver!)

Priorities, dude.

As I was telling another friend of mine, though, I think I'm going to stop ranting and raving so much about law school. That way when I'm dealing with my inevitable failure the honest way, you know, with a bottle of Grey Goose under the table, it will be less humiliating on my own than having to post about it here. About how no one loves or wants me. Though once the Goose is gone, it would no doubt make for an entertaining post.

But because so little else is going on in my life, I will write about it today because I feel like it. I think Austin is still my best bet, especially as a Texas resident (sigh). Plus who doesn't love Austin? (Aside from you, Mob, you total weirdo.)

I saw a recommendation to apply to at least 8 schools, as sometimes it doesn't matter how awesome you are, you will get turned down for one reason or another. As I have two best friends who currently attend or just finished at both Yale and Columbia and yet were turned down by lesser schools, I know this is true. So I sent my dad a list of my 8 and it was pretty laughable, as they all cost like 40K+ and it may have read something like Chicago, Berkeley, Cornell, UT Austin, Georgetown...

Because if I'm going down in debt, by god I'm going down serious and in style.

I'm ready to nix Berkeley, because who the FUCK can afford to live in San Fran? And I might kill myself from lack of society in a place like Ithaca, NY (Cornell)...though you might argue that a person in law school isn't going to be having much of a social life anyway. An enormous highlight there, however, would be its proximity to Vermont. (Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetness).

Plus, I like saying "Cornell," because it sounds snobby and reminds me of a Commodore 64 game we used to play called Moonmist. Ok, so maybe the mystery was set in Cornwall and that's the only reason, but ask me if I care. It would be a PRETTY place to study. That's a good reason to go, right? Shit, it basically says as much on their site: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Seriously, that's one of their biggest arguments.

More importantly, you know your deep-dish four-cheese pizza is good when you pull a forkfull back and a stray piece of cheese flies from the pile and flings itself against your laptop screen. There are good battle scars.


SkylersDad said...

I want a bumper sticker that says "Grey Goose is my co-pilot"

Triana said...

Austin, you say? I know some cool people that live in Austin...

Ellen Aim said...

SkyD: Lol! If I can't even get into any of my law school choices, Grey Goose may just be my flat-out *pilot*. I'll be in the back making out with his best friend Tanqueray.

Triana: Indeed! Another huge plus. Not to mention the abundance of coolness in general...and my ability to perhaps somewhat navigate around, always a big plus.

Veloute said...

I know a librarian at Cornell. It IS supposed to be a wonderful little place.

OMG Moonmist!